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State the location of the seventh day, Saturday, November 10 2018.

In the name of Mursi, Zamalek is one of the most controversial players in the Egyptian series because of his actions to encourage his fans to criticize him and comment on what he is doing. He has emerged in the name of Marsa during the few hours of television statements in which he confessed to stimulating things with Mass Ahli. In the following lines we will monitor the amount made by Zamalek player Morsi to clear the Red team.
Al Ahly's fans were given a green spot before the 114th game, making the name of Marsa a beautiful sign for Al Ahli fans before the game, which was held by the Arab Tower in Alexandria in July 2017.
In the name Morsi and Pepper Pepper, in 2015, he provided a picture through his official Facebook account, which inspired the fans of the Al Ahli club, where he showed he had a red pepper and his T-shirt 22 of his tongue.
Bassem Morsi was defeated by the League League and in the same year, the player of Ahli's audience, after he officially completed Zamalek in the series, and picked up Morsi with the shield of the series, and took his language to stimulate competitors. We thank you for visitors and visitors in the field of news and confidence areas and we promise you to provide all of the reliable sources of news from all the reliable sources of information (images … 3 images called Marsa Ahlawi), and the source is responsible for what is reported in the news.
Source: Day 7



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