Only NBA Commissioner Adam Silver can save the Phoenix Suns - Arizona Sports

Only NBA Commissioner Adam Silver can save the Phoenix Suns - Arizona Sports

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Attention, Adam Silver:

You are the best sports representative. You are understanding and reasonable. And now Phoenix needs your help.

We need an NBA intervention.

The suns are a disaster caught in a dumpster fire. They entered the game on Friday with a dubious award, outperforming 70:18 in the first quarter of their last two defeats. They are the first team to score nine points in nine consecutive opening quarters since the time of the firing.

We're probably the worst part of basketball in team history. The suns break the worst records. Chaos is their currency and their only consistency.

The past is littered with tremendous mistakes that aggravate the grievances that preceded the 2018-19 season. You have access to great information. They know better than anyone else. But if you are not careful lately,

The owner fired his general manager just before the start of the season, although Ryan McDonough had created the premises for a real head coach (Mike Budenholzer) and a prepared trade that would provide a real point-keeper (Shai Gilgeous-Alexander).

Apparently, Robert did not want Sarver either.

Provisional GM, James Jones, is the latest on the clown carousel. He did not do anything in two months. He gave Tyson Chandler the Lakers instead of selling his expiring contract within the trading period. He cut Shaq Harrison, the best point guard on his list. The scouting department has been trimmed so far that the suns on the road are noticeably lacking.

Their head coach, Igor Kokoskov, is swallowed alive by a team he can not reach. It is painful to look at and somewhat predictable.

Kokoskov has no dynamic voice that can break through the millennia of confusion. English is not his mother tongue, and he can not grasp the room with his rhetoric. His communicative skills are not enough for the big chair, especially with such a young team.

He tries to reach children for reasons and reasons. He was hired for offensive concept and design and denied a legitimate point guard. His term was lost before it began, and the evidence is right in front of you:

Her number 1 is not motivated and plays soft. Their other selection in the first round turned Kokoskov into a sideline that looked really bad on TV. Her disrespect to the head coach is shocking and feeds the lost culture that has permeated the walls.

We have been waiting nine years for this team to restore the bourgeois roar to uphold the rich heritage that Jerry Colangelo once created. And nothing ever changes.

"Come on, you're embarrassing me," said Charles Barkley of the TNT studio.

They are all embarrassing.

There's a reason why Sarver repeatedly fires important executives into nonsense. Because he's always hiring the wrong people, cheap, with no experience and totally controllable.

Would not a smart man try something else? Do you see the error of his ways, especially when his desire for victory is so obvious?

Yes, he would. If this owner is not trapped in his own vicious circle chained to the ego's tyranny, he must always be the responsible man and always retrieve the shots.

As an NBA commissioner, you work with great owners, modest servants and those who confuse riches with intelligence. They have thrown one of them out of the league forever. And you know that the worst owner is the one who always has to take possession.

We all like to believe that our luck is changing organically, that Jones has something special up his sleeve. His relationship with LeBron James is intriguing and may even lead to an audience with Kevin Durant. But Sarver once raved about Lance Blanks and Lon Babby. He once hired Lindsey Hunter and Earl Watson. He is a banker and businessman and incapable of basketball. The recording speaks for itself. What is the probability that he is right this time?

The latest malfunction comes at a difficult time. Our city council will vote on a deal to renovate the Suns' arena next Wednesday, and the numbers appear reasonable: $ 150 million in public funds and $ 80 million provided by the team. This is a fair price to keep the suns in Phoenix until 2037.

But not under these circumstances. And many are wondering why we should help fund a team that just embarrasses us and makes the owner dirty.

So please, Commissioner. Look under the hood. Submit a counselor or a Colangelo before another decade goes by without a playoff berth. Before it gets worse.

The city of Phoenix deserves a professional basketball franchise that plays the role. And you too.

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