This is the moment when a football star hounded Arsenal across the street, who unleashed a three-car bang yesterday, just meters from the club's training ground.
Dominic Thompson (18) drove to Hertfordshire yesterday when the horror smash hit at 8:50 yesterday.
Getty Contributor Dominic Thompson, 18, was in Hertfordshire when the incident happened. The shots collected by The Sun Online show his black Mercedes drifting into the middle of the road while another car – a Citroen C4 – heads in the opposite direction.
They collide, a third car is then smashed.
The woman driving the third car, who was not asked to be named, described her horror after being forced to help the captured Citreon driver from his heavily damaged vehicle.
The police were called by a passerby at Coursers Road in London Colney. However, a criminal investigation has not been initiated.
When he hit the middle of the road, he collided with a Citroen – and caused this damage. The Sun The cars collided yesterday in London Colney head-on. The football star can be seen on the right after the smashMean. The woman claims this while she fought To free the man, Thompson, a left, "he just stood there and stared into his cell phone".
Speaking to The Sun Online, she said, "The streak camera's footage clearly shows that it's drifting across the street, and when the other driver comes around the corner, they collide.
"I got out of my car and he was in his arsenal gear with an arsenal backpack, the car he was smashed into first was really damaged and the driver was in a trap, so a passerby called the police and I tried to get the car door open.
"He just stood there and stared into his phone, saying he was trying not to run over a red piece of plastic on the street, but it was clear he was distracted as far as I can see."
His Mercedes was also slightly damaged after the smash. Getty Images – Getty A victim of the smash said, "He did not apologize and said he was trying to drive a red piece across the street, but it's clear he was distracted as far as I can see. As The Sun Online turned to them, both Arsenal and Thompson made a comment.
Last month, Thompson was one of nine field players from the U-23 squad of Arsenal, the boss Unai Emery took in a Europa League game against FC Vorskla.
The Hertfordshire police confirmed that no arrests had taken place and that no criminal investigation had been initiated.
A spokeswoman said, "Police were called on Friday at 9:00 am to report a collision with three vehicles that blocked Coursers Road in London Colney.
The road had to be closed while a black Mercedes and a black Citroen C4 were salvaged.
A police spokeswoman said that no arrests had taken place and that no criminal investigation had taken place. Getty – Contributor Last month, Thompson was one of nine field players from the U-23 squad of Arsenal that boss Unai Emery took into a Europa League game against FC VorsklaMIRACLE ESCAPE. Stopping the Dashcam footage shows how the little one Boy on a busy street cheating death ExclusiveCLIFF DEATH The newlywed girl dies 500 feet to death while jumping with his husband for a birthday photo BIG DISCOVERY The human leg found in the river is that of a mother who left the family home last Christmas This is a wrap man who has kept an unopened gift for 47 years to find out what it is Sick attack Police warn women not to phone after a raped teenage girl
"The other vehicle was a blue Opel Zafira, and Herts' highways were informed of the collision with oil on the road, which reopened shortly before 10.30."
The incident occurred just a few days after the footballers of Arsenal were inhaled by balloons at a wild champagne and vodka party "Hippie Crack".
The shocking shots of The Sun show Gooner's stars Alexandre Lacazette, Matteo Guendouzi, Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the heart of the dangerous laughing gas.
Arsenal footballers Mesut Özil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Matteo Guendouzi were filmed from balloons inhaling Hippy Crack
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