MLS. Forward "Los Angeles Galaxy" Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the 500th goal

MLS. Forward "Los Angeles Galaxy" Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the 500th goal

Grigory Telingater
                                                    Photo by Katharine Lotze / Getty Images
                Fantastic strike of Ibrahimovic. And this is his 500th goal in his career!
                    Have you seen Zlatan's new masterpiece? Admire.
            16 September 2018, 12:30

In the MLS Toronto championship, Los Angeles Galaxy won 5: 3. But in history this meeting will come not because of the score, but because of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal. On the 43rd minute Giovani dos Santos hung in the penalty almost from the center circle, and the Swede somehow inconceivably struck in one touch.

    Despite the fact that the match was held in Canada, the audience applauded Ibrahimovic. Including fans of Toronto. Some even standing up. And Ibrahimovic after the goal did not paint any grimaces. Another would be in his place rejoiced like a madman, but for Zlatan fantastic goals – a common thing. "Los Angeles Galaxy" even promptly made a video with spectacular goals Ibrahimovic.

Goal into the goal, "Toronto" was for the Swede 500-m in his career. Ibrahimovic is the third among the active players who reached this mark. Prior to this 500 goals scored Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. After the match, Zlatan posted in his "Twitter" his photo with the signature "God of the Heads".

Not very modest. Like the post-match commentary published by FourFourTwo: "I'm happy for Toronto." They were lucky enough to see my 500th goal. I think they will remember him forever. I did not expect anything deliberately, I just wanted to score. The 500th goal in his career is fantasy. Probably, I have already scored more goals than these guys played games on the field. " Ibrahimovic always behaves self-centeredly.

Zlatan: I wanted to give Los Angeles a present. And gave myself
Ibrahimovic burns on a popular talk show.
He calls himself the best football player in the world. Apparently, this is part of his image, which looks convincingly against the background of such powerful goals. By the way, in the first match for the "Los Angeles Galaxy" Ibra issued one more beauty. If you have not seen, then look here:

Ibrah – the king. He scored a crazy goal in the first match
And then designed a winning double.
This season, the striker took part in 22 MLS matches and was marked with 17 balls. Probably, this is not the last masterpiece from Ibrahimovic. Let him 36 years old (and October 3 will turn 37 years old), but his contract is calculated by the end of 2020.



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