MINUTE TO MINUTE: Xolos vs. Cruz Azul (Opening 2018)

MINUTE TO MINUTE: Xolos vs. Cruz Azul (Opening 2018)

minute by minute



Blue Cross


                                                53 '


                        Méndez heads off 'pumped' and Lajud, with problems, sends a corner kick

                                                52 '


                        Change of Tijuana. Jesús Ricardo Angulo leaves and Erick Torres enters

                                                48 '


                        Ball to the space of Flores that Méndez controls, but when trying to take the last man, the ball hits him and gives goal kick



                        THE COMPLEMENTARY PART IS PLAYED !!



                        Teams return to the field

The game has a good rhythm at times, when the whistle does not interrupt. Luis Enrique Santander has shown six yellow and one red, in addition to expelling a member of the coaching staff of La Máquina, in 45 minutes

45 '+ 2


                        END THE FIRST PART !!

                                                45 '+ 1


                        Yellow fair! Now it is Marcone who wins the warning by tripping and knocking down a rival. Very picky Luis Enrique Santander

                                                Four. Five'


                        Completed time. Two minutes added

                                                42 '


                        Admonition! Aldrete puts the foot to Rivero, knocks him down when he was going to the area, and is conditioned

                                                41 '


                        Expelled! Oscar Farias Fialho, auxiliary of Caixinha, is expelled for claiming

                                                40 '


                        Another card! Omar Mendoza knocks down Roberto Alvarado and is painted yellow

                                                40 '



Final line of the first part

37 '


                        Close Tijuanaaaaaa !! Recentro that fails to finish with a good address Julián Velázquez

                                                36 '


                        Corner shot for Xolos. The Tijuana crowd in the area of ​​La Máquina and put in trouble to Corona and company

                                                33 '


                        Xolos's answer with an awkward shot by José Rivero that sends to the stands

                                                32 '


                        Lajuuuuud !! Almost Aldrete manages to score with distant shot that was getting out of hand to the goalkeeper

                                                30 '


                        Lucero tries to shoot between six legs and does so with little power at the hands of Corona

                                                26 '


                        Change of Blue Cross. By the expulsion, Martín Cauteruccio leaves and Igor Lichnovsky enters

                                                2. 3'


                        Coronaaaaaaa !! I charge a set piece that goes straight to the goal, without much angle, and the goalkeeper sends a corner kick




Expulsióooooooon !! Pablo Aguilar puts the body hard, the whistle considers that hits Angulo and takes the second yellow

19 '


Another yellow! Pablo Aguilar faces Diego Chávez for a push when looking for a high ball in an invalidated play

17 '


                        Admonition! Julián Velázquez gives an unintentional swipe at Cauteruccio, but the whistle decides to mark a foul and sanction him



                        Semilento rhythm of match. Cruz Azul is more eager to go to the front



                        Gerardo Flores makes a good move, but heads uncomfortably in the Xolos area

                                                7 '


                        First yellow! Miler Bolaños leaves the elbow up and connects Pablo Aguilar to win the card



                        Cauteruccio falls in the area when he wants to finish off a center from the right, he asks for the mark of a push, but the whistle does not give the maximum penalty




You miss it! Lucero gives Angulo a half goal, and Angulo crashes the ball in Corona, who moments before gave a punt




                        Everything ready for the start of the game



                        The teams jump to the field !!



                        The formation of Tijuana These are the 11 Xoloitzcuintles that will jump to the field to face @Cruz_Azul_FC #ForzaTijuas pic.twitter.com/6zCNZNV9cA– Xolos (@Xolos) August 13, 2018

This will be the lineup of La Máquina. This is the alignment of our team to face Club Tijuana.# LaMáquina arrived pic.twitter.com/HPcb1NiDqX– CRUZ AZUL FC ® (@Cruz_Azul_FC) August 13, 2018

The heating of Xolos To warm up! #ForzaTijuas https://t.co/iLRj1OsxKR- Xolos (@Xolos) August 13, 2018

The machine is already in the Caliente stadium # LaMáquina arrived to the Caliente stadium; we are already prepared to face @Xolos. pic.twitter.com/wHtEoDiYpd– CRUZ AZUL FC ® (@Cruz_Azul_FC) August 13, 2018

Welcome to the Minute to Minute of the duel between Tijuana and La Máquina !!

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