Posted on Sunday November 11, 2018 at 00:25
Jacques Brunel relies on his lack of control over his men and the number of points available to South Africa, a winner on the string (29-26).
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The trouble coach Jacques Brunel (F. Faugère / L & # 39; Equipe)

"The new disaster is it, do you think the game should take place earlier where the team failed to master mainly?
It's hard enough. The story is cruel. We started the game well. We have the first half-period of good time, during which we did a great deal of time, asked for some solutions and we would have difficulty.

At 23-9, did you have the game?
We dug a bit significant and unfortunately, we did not get well. And they benefit (23-16, 44th). Overall, we gave them the score of small slags. And in the last minute, we did not know how to hold the game. There is a lack of masters and roads. But we will be positive: this team is generous and entrepreneurial. Compared to Springboks, one of the best teams in the world.

At the 79th, the French team has a possession of 22 meters. What should be done to keep and win this game?
You would need more control and patience. We went away, we split ourselves. The Springboks play well upset and recover punishment.

"We gave points too easy"

During the game, after exceptional progress, Teddy Thomas must be unacceptable. Do you want it?
Why bother him? The game is only run on that. This is an opportunity because there were many others. I see a game away for Damian Penaud that he does not control, another 22 meters or Damian can not be cleared. It is more than the end of our lack of masters that hurt me rather than moments like Teddy. Of course it's a matter. When the game is in hand, we must let it go on.

Looking for reference competitions, is the first time in this frame?
No. This first half is not a long term reference because I find other places where we gave points too easy. They have almost never come to our camp, there are only one exams in this period, they punish us and they come back to 6-6. While we will add much more energy to score our points. We can not do things that are easy. "

Renaud Bourel.


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