"I think the audience enjoyed it," says Thierry Omeyer

"I think the audience enjoyed it," says Thierry Omeyer

The celebration of the fourth anniversary of PSG's invincibility was well worth it. A boosted atmosphere and a crazy suspense, all carried by a stunning scenario … Four years, almost to the day after his last defeat in Paris in the Champions League against Kiel (November 16, 2014), the PSG was vector of everything a range of emotions this Saturday against the Germans from Flensburg. At first impotent, then stressful, the leader of group B of the Champions League ended up being stunning like the image of a Thierry Omeyer whose last stop at 60 seconds of the gong was able to wrest the victory ( 29-28) on the wire.

Is this what we call being a great fright?

THIERRY OMEYER. (He smiles) Do not forget that Flensburg is leading the German league with 12 wins in as many days. And even if it let slip some points in the Champions League, this team is really very solid. Let's be clear, they are much better in the game than us. We missed so many ingredients to compete. But at the break, we thought that having made a bad first half, we were only three goals behind (12-15). It was a sign that there was something to do.

Personally, this match is proof that we do not need to panic statistics (6 stops only) to tilt …

Yes, it's paradoxical, I'm really not happy with the first part of my match. I did not bring what I should have. Fortunately, I knew how to make important stops in the last quarter of an hour. I'm happy, of course, to have done the last one. Sometimes you have to be content with that. The bottom line is to have won. Despite our four goals late (20-24, 45th), we never lowered our heads. We have been rewarded for our tenacity.

PSG are undefeated at home in the Champions League for four years. Is the scenario of this match an anti-humming reminder?

You know, there are a lot of games in a season, we can not be on top all the time. And when we're not, it's a performance to know how to win. I can only salute the mood of the guys. Nobody dropped anything. It's great for the audience, I think he feasted. It was a real European Cup atmosphere.

This promises a good duel Wednesday night for the second leg …

I think we can expect a nice reception from them. There, in addition, the public is always very hot and is a real support for the team. We will have to make a big match like we did.

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