Girona joined Bounou to score a good point in Anoeta (0-0)

Girona joined Bounou to score a good point in Anoeta (0-0)

The doubts of the drawing were faint seeing as Eusebio bet by the three central ones and the style that the group has more by the hand. Beyond the tie against Real Sociedad (0-0), this is the most important message that leaves the game yesterday, because Girona already knows what will be his way from now on. There have been nine days and the descent is only two points, but it's a great thing. They say so, it's never too late to start again.

With the established bases, the surprise was to verify how Stuani, the top scorer of the League, stayed on the bench due to a nuisance. It was the moment of Doumbia, incapable of knowing how to take advantage of it. The Ivorian, who still has no rhythm of competition, made a mess at the limit of the break after a mistake of Moyá on the clearest opportunity of the gironins in the first half. Also released Ramalho, who had not yet participated and returned with the spark that characterizes him, providentially cutting a Sandro counterattack that would have left him alone.

The Guipuzcoan people, who tried to take center stage, saw Eusebio respond to each attack safely and without losing too much, feeling they had the party there where they wanted, although Bounou intervened three times in 20 minutes. With a middle of the most reinforced field of the account, under the presence of Pere Pons accompanying Douglas Luiz, Girona recovered the most solidarity, knowing that it was what he needed to score. A strong and locked block behind him who was in no hurry and who missed two more marches in attack.

Two sticks of Sandro

Orfes de Granell, the ball happened on occasions by Borja. And when the team has difficulty connecting with the Madrid, generating danger is more complicated. The races of Portu ended in nothing and Doumbia, as soon as he entered into play. With difficulties in the triangulations, the one that continues working is centered: Porro and Aday, very active, insisted on it, but there was no Stuani. Before the break, the heart of the Girona players shrank: Sandro's shot stung to the post after Bounou deflects the ball decisively.

Eusebio soon replaced Doumbia, who ended desperately and desperately. But the great luck was that Bounou put on the superhero coat: the Moroccan again rubbed a Sandro launch that the pole spit and shone in the later rejection of Oyarzabal. That the goalkeeper is the highlight, means that things do not do quite right. And the Girona, which was becoming impetuous, resorted to Stuani, who saw how Rodrigues denied him the goal. Lozano also rubbed him in a headache to the limit of time. It would have been too much for a team that has won five games and that Saturday will have to improve if you want to win the Rayo in Montilivi.


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