Formula 1: Hamilton radiation in Singapore

Formula 1: Hamilton radiation in Singapore

The perfect shot for Lewis Hamilton. Author irregular turn
to win the pole on Saturday, the Brit is probably the most difficult
taking the competition out. He confirmed Sunday by signing a race
perfect. It never hit, except for a small alert at the larger halfway point
late non-cooperative competitions, and 69th win competition
career. Perhaps the fatal blow is in the fight for the world.

Since Vettel had arranged for a third place, the same
except on the front grid. Despite a good start that allowed him to go back
Verstappen and decided secondly he lost that profit
the stands. The reason? There is a new suspicious Ferrari Strategy
projected stops. The German was then locked behind Sergio
Perez and Verstappen took his good, second place. Outcome, 40 points
Vettel emits from Hamilton (281 for the British and 241 for German) and
there's only six races left there.

Alonso i point, Leclerc confirms

In a very boring race, we also remember
The seventh place, Fernando Alonso, who scored more points
from Hungary. The same story for Charles Leclerc. The driver in the future
Ferrari ninth at Sauber's wheel and marks the first time
from the Austrian Grand Prix (in early July).

French in the diana On the other hand, the French did not have the party
Sunday. Esteban Ocon took her in the first round after contacting him
his team, Sergio Perez. Pierre Gasly is happy with the thirteenth century
place and Romain Grosjean fourteen stages. .

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