FC - Paderborn: The goals of Terodde are not counted, the referee faces a hand plan

FC - Paderborn: The goals of Terodde are not counted, the referee faces a hand plan

Köln –
Will FC Köln manage the second best set of club history?
With the victory against SC Paderborn, Markus's team already started 13 points on the account. In addition, the top top of the table Greuther Fürth would be reproduced
Follow the game here in the live ticker.29: Paderborn can give some relief after each other. Only corner kicking them.27 .: Once again Terotde's balls into the goal, it's again outside. 23: Column would be a penalty against: Dräger fakes a clear horn side with the hand.19 .: After the courageous minutes the hosts start, the FC put the pressure and increased many corners.17: Köln is mostly dangerous by repeated anti-attacks depending on many sides. After the corner of the Paderborns Cup Corn, the goal was almost target.12 .: Terodde takes over from Jannes Horn, but the scorer was outside. Deciding the right of the referee's team.9: On the other hand, Hünemeier also has a kick off right with the heading. It seems six meters – the best chance in the game.6: FC's first chance: Clemens is crossing from Horn, but Drexler is in charge of goal.5: So far, the game is mainly in half of Cologne. 3: Even the first minute shows: Paderborn does not want to hide, a wide Cologne must be needed. The FC is spending too much ball loss in the beginning.1: The game has begun. After 1:29 pm: In and around the stadium, there is a lot today about the DKMS. The action day is already a tradition.13.27 clock: It runs the game, it starts immediately.13.14 clock: Markus explained to the Sky microphone shortly before the start: "We have, as in the last few weeks, our game come in." The FC committee is sure Bader will play a "very good" game. 13:05: Paderborn Baumgart Committee announces: "We want to look forward." 13:01: Simon Zoller, Frederik Sörensen and Matthias Lehmann did not go into the squad again. It is clear that the three could not recommend themselves during the international breaks. 12:55: Matthias Bader's right back is the first competition in FC dress. The future was injured from Karlsruher SC in preparation. 12:50: In addition, starting his captain Jonas Hector's orders back to the left. The center will take Marco Höger, which happens 29 today. Jannes Horn can try the aggressive external track. 12.44 clock: FC FC has commenced compared to 5: 3 win at FC St. Pauli before the international move begins by changing. Marco Höger, Jorge Meré and Matthias Bader are starting at Serhou Guirassy, ​​Lasse Sobiech and Marcel Risse. 12.40 clog: Paderborn Steffen Baumgart coach depends on this team: 12.35 clock: 1st grid 1st column Cologne:
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