Eliud Kipchoge: "Could not escape the record with me"

Eliud Kipchoge: "Could not escape the record with me"



Posted on Sunday 16th September, 2018 at 14:45
Céinia made a major campaign on Sunday in Berlin, setting the world record for the marathon at 2:01 pm & 39 ".
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Kipchoge smiling at the podium. (Reuters)

"How are you feeling? Like a hero?
Oh, hero, I do not know. I am very grateful for everything that happens to me today (Sunday). Thanks to the spectacular audience, from the first to the last kilometer, it gave me great support, I heard their motivation, pushed me. Also think about my coach Patrick Sang, my managers, the Berlin Maritime organization. Thank you, thank you all, this is my first thought. And for the record, I lost a few times already, so I did not want to miss it the third time!

You left your limbs much faster than expected, so you have the closing 17 kilometers. Did that put on you?
Of course, it was very difficult, I did not expect at all. But I also prepared that I had great confidence in my training and training. I was thinking of all my efforts in Kenya for a couple of kilometers in recent months, it helped me go. Not everyone around me, I could not break that record. And I knew that this time I could not escape the record.

You finished very strong, despite the lack of support or competition. Did you know the gaps, the extract times?
I saw them on the car in front of me, but my mind was a bit difficult to make the calculations! You know, a marathon really starts only after 25 kilometers. I had a good position at this mark, and I just focused on my speed.

What are your first goals for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020?
I fully invested in this maritime in Berlin, I will give the time to sell this and their rest. You do not have to run two sharp at the time. But now I'll go to Monza in 2:00 and Berlin in 2:00 in advance, we will try to reach 2h02 & # 39; & # 39; somewhere (laugh)! "

S.K. in Berlin

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