Delayed sentence of Hondurans Alfredo Hawit and Rafael Callejas - Diez

Delayed sentence of Hondurans Alfredo Hawit and Rafael Callejas - Diez

The sentence of the catrachos Alfredo Hawit, former president of FIFA and Concacaf and Rafael Callejas, boss of the National Football Federation of Honduras and the republic, has been prolonged by February 2019.
Rafael Callejas pleads guilty to electronic fraud
As detailed by Ken Bensinger, journalist of the newspaper, Hawit now sentenced on February 6, 2019, while Callejas will be 12.
Hawit would be sentenced on September 14, 2018, but the former soccer leader asked to be extended for next year.
Alfredo Hawit pleads guilty in the case of Fifagate For his part, Callejas was going to have to defend himself on September 12, and in the same way the deadline was extended.
Rafael pleaded guilty to having participated in acts of corruption in the FIFA scandal in March 2016 in New York for conspiracy for organized crime and electronic fraud.
Alfredo Hawit pleaded guilty to New York justice in April 2016 of four counts of corruption by accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars to grant broadcast rights to the Gold Cup and Champions League.
"He is definitely cooperating, he reached a cooperation agreement with the feds in early 2016. Then prosecutors tend to postpone the sentence because a cooperator can still be useful to them," Ken wrote.


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