Britain defeated Uzbekistan in the Davis Cup after Norrie equalized the meltdown

Britain defeated Uzbekistan in the Davis Cup after Norrie equalized the meltdown

Cameron Norrie caused his Friday night break-in by leading Britain to the Davis Cup win against Uzbekistan at the World Cup playoff in Glasgow.

Norrie, the UK's number two and the 70th in the world, was able to outperform Sanjar Fayziev after a 2-0 lead to a painful defeat by Jurabek Karimov.

But after Jamie Murray and Dom Inglot won the doubles for the United Kingdom 2-1, Norrie knew that a win would secure victory in the world group play-off with a single lead.

And the 23-year-old provided a 3-1 triumph with a comprehensive 6-2 6-2 6-0 win, securing Britain the new Davis Cup next year.

The new format will feature a World Cup style tournament in November. Qualifying will take place in February. It also meant that there was no danger of relegation in this play-off.

GB captain Leon Smith said: "It was fun, but there is much more to it than fun, there is a huge amount of pressure, so a lot of credit for Cam, we have a great team spirit, some people said it was meaningless Tie, but look at the Uzbekistan team, look at the crowd, it was barely meaningless, it was brilliant.

"Now it's important that we get into the draw in a few weeks, we'll see what happens to it, and now we've made the decision about the new formant we have to accept, we want to be there, it's going to be exciting, something to do something else. "

After consulting the captains, it was decided that the final game would not be played on Sunday, when Dan Evans and Jurabek Karimov played a dead role.

Norrie said, "I'm very proud, I want to thank the crowd, you've been great, it was an amazing weekend in Glasgow, and thanks to my dad for keeping his place.

"Thanks to the whole team and congratulations to the Uzbek team, you fought like the dogs, it was a first homecoming for me and I am very proud.

"Obviously I was nervous today, but the crowd kept me going, I learned a lot this weekend and I'm very proud of the team."

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