Basketball: when Fauthoux faces his friend Foirest

Basketball: when Fauthoux faces his friend Foirest

It was his first move. Like a reflex. When the draw for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France was made, Fred Fauthoux immediately called Laurent Foirest, his counterpart of Quimper (Pro B), to ask him if he should "buy a K-Way" for come to Brittany. "But I especially told him to put bottles cool for the post-game," smiled the coach of Levallois. Between the two men it is certainly not a cut which will pose problem, on the contrary …

For more than 20 years the fiery Fauthoux and calm Foirest are "more than friends" they ensure the same voice. A friendship born in Pau in 1996. "When he arrived from Antibes, Jacques (Editor's note: Monclar, coach palois at the time) told me to welcome him because Laurent was a little shy, especially the shock was brutal because he was born in Marseille and had always lived in large cities, says Le Petitou, nickname of the kid of Landes. We immediately agreed. He is someone you can trust and with whom you have a good time. We won everything, we were 25 years old and the same vision of life, these are the best years. "

"We had already played against each other, but we just thought Hellosays Foirest. On the floor, he was a little pug. He has a reputation for being a ringworm, a hateful guy in the game – and it's not that a reputation honestly (Laughter) – but outside it is different. He was the first to help me integrate, to make things easier for me. "

"As soon as we see each other, it's as if we had left the night before"

If the duo won trophies in disorder under the jersey of Pau (French champions in 1998, 1999 and 2004), he especially took the opportunity to multiply the foolish laughter and the fights, to play endless and "unforgettable" parts tarot ("It took only when he had the 3 Tips, it means everything to the guy," laughs Fauthoux) and discuss life until the end of the night. Memories for their old days.

"He made me discover the wealth and traditions of his region, still appreciates the coach Quimper, also assistant team France. We also went on vacation together, our women and children got along well. We are of the same generation and we have the same delusions. Since we stayed close. "

When Foirest comes to Paris, Fauthoux leaves him the keys of his home. "We can not be called for a long time but as soon as we see each other again, it's as if we had left the day before," says the eldest of the two (9 months separate them). "This match will be a nice moment," says Foirest. It's fun to meet one another, when we played we never spoke or imagined to become a coach. Even less to be opposed. Especially for a cut.

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