The musical event held at the Estadio Azteca severely damaged the gramado and is that despite the efforts they have made for the hybrid grass to finish settling, this has not happened, in large part, thanks to the commitments made by the administration The objective of placing the hybrid lawn in July was to have a field much more resistant to the important activity that would be exposed during this semester, however, the field did not settle in the time required and the calendar began to come on the premises of the colony Santa Úrscula Coapa. After the third concert was held on Wednesday in the last month, the newspaper Record was given the task of recording the conditions of the lawn, publishing the images of how the court was.
On Monday, November 19, the NFL has agreed to the duel between Rams and Chiefs in Mexican territory, but with the conditions in which the grass is, the completion of the meeting at the Estadio Azteca could be at risk.


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