"Arsenal" - "Akhmat" - 3: 1. Russian Football Championship, August 12, 2018, strong-willed victory, goal video, match review. Football

"Arsenal" - "Akhmat" - 3: 1. Russian Football Championship, August 12, 2018, strong-willed victory, goal video, match review. Football


"ARSENAL" – "AHMAT" – 3: 1 (0: 1)
Goals: Ivanov, 39 (0: 1). Djordjevic, 52 (1: 1). Bakaev, 57 (2: 1). Forest, 90 + 5 (3: 1).
"Arsenal" (Tula): Levashov, Kombarov, Belyaev, Grigalava, Hagush, Gorbatenko, Berhamov, Bakaev (Kangwa, 65), Tkachev (Kostadinov, 77), Ceausic, Djordjevic (Lesovoy, 85).
Akhmat (Grozny): Gorodov, Utsiev, Semyonov, Angel, Mohammadi, Roshi, Shvets, Dumbia, Ivanov (Ismael, 76), Berisha (Mitrishev, 68), Balay (Mbeng, 56).
Warnings: Roshi, 23. Berkhamov, 37. Belyaev, 44. Balay, 45 + 1. Utsiev, 45 + 2. Shvets, 54. Berisha, 63. Doumbia, 90. Mbeng, 90 + 5.
Removal: Berkhamov, 41 (rough game).
Judges: Lapochkin. Kudryavtsev (both St. Petersburg), Cheltsov (Moscow).
12th of August. Tula. Arsenal Stadium.
Over the years, Oleg Kononov in the "Krasnodar", he became firmly associated with the attacking football, although all the teams of this specialist were different in style. Including "Ahmat", where the coach worked last season and left Grozny after an unsuccessful series that contained home defeat from "Arsenal" with Djordjevic's victorious goal. Now the Montenegrin was supposed to be the one who would solve the problems of the gunsmiths who did not score in the current championship.
Forward, rented from "Zenith", could excel in one of the first attacks, but after a convenient transfer Gorbatenko from a few meters failed to break Gorodov. As a result, the onslaught of the Tula people was gradually weakened, and patiently waited for his chance, "Ahmat" led in the account after the spectacular passage of Utsiev. The captain of the guests swung the fagot of Khagush, and although Levashov managed to cope with his blow, Ivanov managed to put his foot on the finishing, for a moment ahead of Berkhamov.
This was the beginning of the troubles of the Arsenal midfielder, who had a yellow card in passivity, but still played too hard in the center of the field against Balai. The hosts remained in the minority, and the game became nervous. Trying to extinguish the passions, Sergei Lapochkin made three more warnings before the break, although he could also punish Bakaev, who earned a free kick, but for some reason decided to hit the ball with an opponent.

The break went for the benefit of turning the game "Arsenal". From the second attempt Djordjevic after a short "stenochka" with Tkachev aimed from under Semenov. And then rudely mistaken executing the "standard" Ivanov, and Bakaev again after the pass Tkachev, rushed off the opponent from his half of the field. The third goal attack with the replacement of Kangwa and Lesova at the end of the judge's added time looked like a volley of salute on the occasion of Tula's first victory.

Three red cards were presented in the first three matches of "Akhmat": Grozny Semyonov, as well as Gasanov ("Yenisei") and Berhamov ("Arsenal").

Oleg KONONOV, head coach of Arsenal:
– Both teams played well. "Akhmat" was not locked in his own penalty area, acted aggressively in the attack. We did not lag behind. We have faith in ourselves, character, football players. But you still need to work on yourself. We scored those who were taken to the team – Djordjevic, Bakaev, Lesova … Judging by today's game, we were not mistaken in them.

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