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As in soccer five, the first basketball court for rent opened in Junín on November 21. “From Saturno 22” is located on Juan B. Justo and Bernardo de Irigoyen streets and is open to the general public.

Nicolás Sanviti was the creator of the project and carried out the idea for two months in order to promote the practice of sport and that the possibility exists in the City of opting for a different space.

Sanviti spoke with Democracia and explained how the idea of ​​creating the first basketball court for rent in Junín began.

“The project had been going around for several years and I came wanting to set up a court for recreational basketball. I am 40 years old, but I continue to play in the Maxi Tournament that is played here, which is the second-class tournament, ”he began.

“With the team we didn’t have a place to train because we always depend on the clubs renting you or lending you the field and that happens, in general, after they finish their own activities around 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m.,” he said.

“This is a place or a space that you can rent at any time and it is available all day. The idea is a bit of that and the love of basketball, ”he said.

The founder of the place was satisfied with the effect that the opening generated in the basketball environment and declared how he handles the shifts of the day.

“I opened the field on November 21 and it had a good impact. It is a rare date for the activity because they are finishing all the junior and senior tournaments and they are all there focused on the finals, but I have shifts every day and the people who come love it and come back ”, he indicated.

“A large group of boys was formed who always come, two or three times a week. It’s like a five-a-side soccer field, which is already installed, but for basketball with fixed shifts. I made a WhatsApp group, I put in all the contacts I know from the basketball environment and I organize the games for different times so that every day I have a turn ”, he commented.

Sanviti spoke about the before and after of the field and told about the reforms he had to carry out so that the space is in optimal conditions.

“The place used to be a mechanical workshop, I rented and had to build the field from scratch. The floor was in very good condition, I just had to paint it, just the edges of the field and non-slip paint so that nothing serious would happen, ”he assured.

“I bought the rings, I made the bathrooms, an acoustic wall, it was a job that took two and a half months and between eight and nine hours,” he said.

In addition, Sanviti clarified why he chose that name for his court.

“It is a catchphrase or a phrase that one of the most iconic commentators in the NBA (Álvaro Martín) uses when a player hits a three-pointer or from a mid-far place.

He has that expression: “raising his hands from Saturn”, the one who is in the basketball environment heard it a thousand times and it occurred to me to put it like that”, he concluded.



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