Club Brugge has completely forgotten how to win: ten-strong Charleroi hold on in Jan Breydel | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Six matches without a win have become seven. Club Brugge seems to have forgotten winning completely now that it didn’t get past Charleroi either. Blauw-zwart made up for a double deficit, but forgot to take the three points with one more man. 3 out of 12 for Parker, Club falls out of the top 4…

Club Brugge-Charleroi in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: After a dramatic first half, Club Brugge seems to be going 0-2 at halftime, but in added time it still graces a penalty after a mistake by Marcq on Lang. The Dutchman brings blue-black back into the game from the spot.
  • Man of the Match: He was only on the field for half a game, but he made the difference: Skov Olsen. The Dane came in at half-time and immediately made it 2-2. Even after that he remained dangerous.
  • Statistics: 7 matches without a win and 5 out of 21: those are very painful figures for the triple national champion, who see Genk lose 21 points when they win in Eupen. Due to the victory of Ghent, Club even falls out of the top 4.

Club starts the game like a lamb

Winning matches, they didn’t do that yet at Club in 2023. It didn’t work out under Scott Parker either and after barely fifteen minutes the calf seemed to have drowned against Charleroi as well.

First Badji neatly finished off a smooth attack against his parent club, after which Mechele again unluckily outwitted his own goalkeeper after a good combination between Zorgane and Kayembe.

You would think that would wake Club up, but the opposite was true. Charleroi easily remained in control of the national champion, who acted poignantly below his level.

It was only on the stroke of half time that it really threatened for the first time via Lang. Marcq made a stupid mistake at the back line and from the spot Lang actually made it 1-2.

Skov Olsen provides the change

With Skov Olsen between the lines for the second half, Club showed a completely different face after coffee. The Dane let Jan Breydel swirl as usual on his own.

He missed the first one with his left, but Skov Olsen didn’t fail a second time on a perfect pass from Vanaken. Club then had 40 minutes left to score a third goal.

But after the equalizer, the Bruges storm subsided a bit. Charleroi again came into the game better and through Descotte it almost took the lead again. Mignolet was in the right angle of the very tight shot.

Twenty minutes before the end, Yaremchuk, who worked hard, had two good chances to crown himself as match winner, the Ukrainian failed twice from close range. A Yaremchuk in shape makes them both.

Not much later, Vanaken found the broken Skov Olsen a second time. Boukamir was on the emergency brake, allowing Club to start its final offensive with one man more.

Vanaken (on the shoe) and Lang (with his right on Skov’s cross) came very close to the winning goal, but Koffi always got in the way. For the 7th time in a row, Club cannot win, Gent jumps into the top 4 over blue and black.

Reactions from the Charleroi camp:

  • Happy Mazzu: “My players are disappointed after this draw. That’s normal when you get to 0-2 here in Bruges. I have to praise their mentality in particular. Even with ten of us we still had chances and we continued to attack. This mentality has to be we take it to the future. Especially the first half was one from the book, which is very nice for a coach. Still, I must say that the penalty has changed a lot. If it is not whistled, then I do not think that Bruges will win after the peace can return.”
  • Damien Mark: “I feel a mix of many emotions: disappointment, happiness, frustration,… A point against Bruges is certainly not bad and we have to be satisfied with it. I am sorry that I made a mistake in that penalty phase. Staying 0-2, it will be a completely different second half. Even at 34, it’s not too late to keep learning.”

Reactions after Club Brugge – Charleroi:

  1. second half, minute 95 match over
  2. second half, minute 94. End! For the 7th match day in a row, Club Brugge failed to win a match. Given the scenario, 2-2 is a justified result today. .
  3. second half, minute 94. Heymans scores another free kick in Club’s half. Looks like it’s going to be a draw. .
  4. second half, minute 93. Koffi prevents the 3-2. Charleroi still escapes the 3-2 deficit. Lang can print at the far post on a great cross from Skov Olsen, but Koffi is in the way. .
  5. second half, minute 91. Odoi can’t head well enough for goal on Skov Olsen’s corner. Coffee picks up. .
  6. second half, minute 91. The first of four minutes is already over. Club wins another corner after badly clearing Marcq. .
  7. second half, minute 90. Added time has started. Club again seems unable to win. It would mean 5 out of 21 for the national champion. .
  8. Yellow card for Club Brugge’s Tajon Buchanan during the second half, minute 88
  9. Yellow card for Anthony Descotte of Charleroi during the second half, minute 88
  10. second half, minute 88. Riot. Buchanen and Descotte have to get to Lardot after a scuffle. The ref gives them both yellow. .
  11. second half, minute 87. Jutgla tests Koffi once more from a distance, the Charleroi goalkeeper wins. .
  12. second half, minute 86. Replacement at Club Brugge, Kamal Sowah in, Hans Vanaken out
  13. second half, minute 86. Skov Olsen neatly puts the ball ready for his left after a nice individual number. His shot is still blocked in the box. .
  14. second half, minute 84. Time is ticking away very quickly for Club Brugge, which really just has to win today. Otherwise Ghent can jump to fourth place. .
  15. Vanaken on the shoe. There’s Club again going into the last ten minutes. Vanaken takes a good cross from Buchanen on the shoe on the edge of the box. Koffi reads the too central shot well. . second half, minute 82.
  16. second half, minute 81.
  17. second half, minute 80. Replacement at Club Brugge, Ferran Jutglà in, Roman Jaremchuk out
  18. second half, minute 80. With ten minutes left on the clock, Parker brought Yaremchuk aside for Jutgla. Once again, the Ukrainian has not been able to shake off his doubts. .
  19. second half, minute 79. Vanaken has lost control and the ball on the edge of the box. Descotte picks up and immediately takes his chance. Mignolet should not intervene. .
  20. second half, minute 78. The free kick that follows does not create a new goal threat. .


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