Álex Baena remembers with emotion his time in Montilivi and living together with Míchel

Baena, during a game this season

Alex Baena has been honest in an interview with Reliefin which he has valued his time in the Girona and more specifically the relationship with his coach: “I would tell you about Míchel that he was a person who couldn’t tell you what he did to me, but he changed everything for me. I have a lot of affection for him, he seems like a top coach First and when you live with him for a whole year you realize how much he likes football, how he lives it and what a good coach he is. This coach has been the turning point in my career. I remember that he always put a lot of cane into me, he lived the training sessions with great intensity, he got involved in the rounds… A spectacle”, comments a footballer who, on Sunday, if nothing unexpected happens, will be reunited with many of his former teammates and with the Michel himself.

In the interview, Baena also reviews episodes from his childhood, such as when “I left Almeria to go to Real Village, at age 11, I think I was calling my mom about eleven or twelve times a day. We spent the journey crying, without saying anything to each other. We missed each other a lot, but the sacrifice was worth it.”



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