“I don’t have much left in this leg” – Tiger Woods


Golfer Tiger Woods is far from enthusiastic about his workload on the greens in 2023 and some may already predict that the time of his retirement from the sport is approaching.

Saying to have undergone two new operations in 2022, the American has been more or less active this year, playing only the Masters Tournament, the PGA Championship and the British Open: he finished 47th in the first of these events, a retired after three rounds in the second and suffered the ax midway through the third. Having confirmed on Monday his withdrawal from the World Hero Challenge, a competition taking place from Thursday to Sunday and whose profits will be donated to his foundation helping children, Woods is struggling with plantar fasciitis in his right foot. His presence in the field is likely to be increasingly rare and the 2022 scenario is very likely to happen again, the main concerned planning to play the major tournaments as well as one or two other events on the calendar.

“Physically, that’s all I can do. I don’t have much left in this leg,” he admitted at a press conference on Tuesday, adding that he was unable to walk properly, which forced him to stay out of the game for an indefinite period.

Woods’ participation in the “Match”, scheduled for December 10, and the PNC Championship the following week also seems unlikely. In the first case, he was to team up with Rory McIlroy against Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, while in the second, he had planned to play alongside his son Charlie in a tag team tournament featuring father-son duos.

Settling scores

Besides, Woods had some comments to make about the LIV circuit and its president and CEO Greg Norman, whom he doesn’t seem to hold in high regard. The conflicting relationship with the PGA remains and Norman’s departure could be a step towards a return to calm in the golf world, according to the former world number 1.

“I see an opportunity if the two organizations can settle their dispute. But here is the problem: they have to find a solution. And whether they do or not, when there’s a lawsuit against you, there’s no willingness to negotiate. So if the two take a break from their bickering and then meet and figure out a way to make it happen, maybe there will be something to come of it, he explained. However, I think first and foremost Greg needs to go. Then, the legal proceedings against us and against them must be settled. After that, we can all talk to each other freely.”

The LIV and the PGA have been at loggerheads for several months, the first of the two circuits having extracted many players from its rival with tempting scholarships.



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