Djokovic imposes himself without trembling against Ruud and joins Federer with six titles in the tournament

Novak Djokovic now has six Masters titles. Just like Roger Federer.

Novak Djokovic, master of the Masters. Facing Casper Ruud, the Serb did not tremble to win his sixth Masters, his 91st career title. With six victories in the tournament “Djoko” thus equals Roger Federer.

The return of the imperturbable Djoko

The Serb mastered the game with authority from start to finish. However, he starts the game with an unforced error, a rare mistake for him. But his experience and his power will then silence this imprecision. While the debates are tight, at the end of the fourth game, hands on the knees, “Djoko” already seems tired and exhausted. Propaganda ? Yes ! The Serb will finally outclass the Norwegian by offering break points on many occasions.

But the fourth in the world will manage to save several and thus stay in the game. But in the twelfth and therefore last game, the Serb will accelerate and afford the first set (7-5).

The second round will be less tight than the first. Indeed, the former world number one will break the Norwegian quite quickly during the 4th game of the second round. The rest is a formality for Novak Djokovic who, in control, will win this second set 6-3.

The former world No. 1, now ranked 8th at the ATP, had no problem getting rid of Casper Ruud. He won in two sets 7-6, 6-3. A victory acquired in 1h32 of play.


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