Millonarios vs. Independiente Medellín follow today in minute by minute of the match for the Betplay Cup | Colombian Soccer | bet play cup

The match ended in Bogotá! Millonarios equaled 2-2 with DIM and with a global 4-2 they became the first finalist of Copa Betplay 2022. Now he awaits a rival between Junior and Unión Magdalena.

Min 90+2. Goal annulled in DIM due to offside by Pipe Pardo.

Min 90+1. Montero saved! Shot by Marrugo, from medium distance, and the goalkeeper saves.

Min 90. Five more minutes will be played in El Campín.

Min 89. Changes in Millionaires. Oscar Vanegas and Jader Valencia enter for Gómez and D. Ruiz.

Min 85. Goooooooooal of Millionaires! Goooooal by Daniel Ruiz! Free kick goal to make it 2-2 (4-3).

Min 84. Last minutes of heart attack in El Campín. Millionaires 1-2 DIM (3-2 overall).

Min 83. Johan Martínez and Christian Marrugo for Ricaurte and Hernández in DIM. In Millos, Juan C. García enters for David M. Silva.

Min 82. Miracle in the goal of Millionaires! Ball that was alive in the area and they managed to send the corner.

Min 79. DIM counterattack commanded by Méndez and ends in a closed shot by Pons. Montero stops the ball.

Min 77. Change in Millionaires. Enter Diego Herazo by Luis C. Ruiz.

Min 76. How close was the DIM! Good collective action that ends in a header by Pons, very close to the crossbar.

Min 72. Yellow for the ’10’ of the DIM, Andrés Ricaurte.

Min 71. This is back and forth. Luis Carlos Ruiz looked for him. He tried to define over the goalkeeper, but Cadavid closed it well.

Min 69. Montero save! Another shot on goal, this time from Méndez.

Min 68. Yellow card for Javier Méndez in DIM.

Min 65. New change in DIM. Felipe Pardo enters for Monroy.

Min 59. Goooooooooal of Millionaires! Gooooooal by David M. Silva! Millionaires 1-2 DIM (3-2).

Min 54. Good connection between Daniel Ruiz and Macalister Silva, who tries from a medium distance. The ball goes wide.

Min 52. First change in the visitor. Mendez enters for Arregui.

Min 50. Changing prowlers in Montero’s premises and they disarm him when he tries to kick the goal.

Min 47. DIM comes out with the same intention of the first half.

The second half is already played between Millonarios and Medellín.

The first half is over in El Campín! Millionaires 0-2 Medellin (Global, 2-2).

Min 45+3. Juan Carlos Pereira sent off for a foul on Pons. He waited for him and went to the shock. The referee did not forgive him the red.

Min 45+2. Masterful closing of Arboleda in a good arrival of Millonarios by left band with Bertel.

Min 45+1. Millionaires saved! Luciano Pons looked for him and goalkeeper Montero deflected to one side.

Min 45. Three more minutes of suffering for Millionaires.

Min 43. Free kick very close to the area charged by Andrés Cadavid and crashes into the barrier.

Min 40. DIM offensive play and Llinás commits a hard foul to stop Cambindo. The defender sees the yellow.

Min 38. The game is stopped after a strong goal between Llinás and Cambindo. Both are taken care of.

Min 37. Gooooooooooooal from DIM! Goooooal for Luciano Pons! Great assistance from Andrés Ricaurte and the series is tied, 2-2.

Min 36. Millonarios fails to break the defensive wall that Medellin plants when it loses the ball.

Min 34. New arrival of the DIM and ball that Monroy rejects Andrés Llinás. The danger does not pass.

Min 29. Changing, with extra motivation, he takes advantage of a stolen ball and tries from medium distance. The ball went over the crossbar.

Min 28. ¡Gooooooooool del DIM! ¡Goooooool de Diber Cambindo! Millionaires 0-1 Medellin (2-1 on aggregate).

Min 26. Match of you to you, with game generation in both teams. DIM did not cross the last quarter of the court again.

Min 23. Mosquera flew to avoid the first of Millionaires! Medium-distance shot by Ómar Bertel, who demanded the goalkeeper.

Min 19. DIM tries to play out and circulates the ball; Millionaires pressures him and tries to suffocate him.

Min 17. Another attempt by Andrés Gómez, who continues to kick the goal at every opportunity. The ball gets closer and closer.

Min 16. New arrival of the DIM, this time with a mid-distance shot by Arregui. Montero catches the ball without any complications.

Min 12. Join Macalister Silva and Daniel Ruiz, which ended in a shot by Andrés Gómez, looking for the DIM goal. The ball goes close.

Min 9. Millionaires approached for the first time on Andrés Mosquera’s property. Macalister’s pass to Andrés Gómez, who shoots wide.

Min 6. Alberto Gamero looks very upset with his players at the start of the match. He defends himself as best he can.

Min 4. New attempt by DIM, this time with Jordy Monroy, who appears on the right. Millionaires suffer with pressure in their own field.

Min 3. Millionaires still can’t take possession of the ball and even less cross the field.

Min 1. First approximation of the DIM. Vladimir Hernández’s ball that demands the goalkeeper Álvaro Montero.

8:04 pm – The game starts in El Campín! Millionaires vs Medellin (2-0)

8:02 pm – The match has not started yet. The smoke from the fire extinguishers affected the visibility on the field. Referee Ortega waits a few seconds.

7:59 pm – Draw with the captains: David Macalister Silva in Millonarios and Adrián Arregui in DIM.

7:57 pm – Acts of protocol in El Campín. The hymns of Colombia and Bogotá are sung.

7:55 pm – The teams go out onto the pitch. Millionaires and DIM will play in their traditional uniforms.

Confirmed lineups at Millionaires vs Independent Medellinfor the Copa Betplay semifinal return:

The game at the El Campín stadium will start at 8:00 pm. Millonarios arrives with a two-goal advantage, after having taken advantage in the first leg with Luis Carlos Ruiz and Carlos Gómez.



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