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05 August 2022

In Cali the blue long-distance player makes the shot at the last jump with the personal best in the rain. She fourth the 4×100 men, fifth the women. Triple: Morseletto sixth, Bruno seventh. Alto: Furlani eighth

by Nazareno Orlandi

On the evening ofRachele Mori’s gold in the hammerthe Azzurri also celebrate for Marta’s bronze Amani in the long jump with the staff of 6.52. Five other final placings for Italy: fourth 4×100 men (Eduardo Longobardi, Loris Tonella, Alessandro Malvezzi, Alessio Faggin), fifth place 4×100 gives (Gaya Bertello, Ludovica Galuppi, Agnese Musica, Ilenia Angelini), sixth and seventh triplists Federico Morseletto (15,97 PB) e Federico Bruno (15.81 PB), eighth Mattia Furlani in the high (2.05), a race that sees Edoardo in twelfth place Strong (2,00).

A wonder in the rain. From sixth to third, from a discreet race to the best day of her sporting life. Marta Amani gives Italy the bronze in the long jump, guessing the personal best of 6.52 (+0.7) in the moment of the in-out, in the sixth and last round, when the game seemed closed, with a stable series but without peaks . But the temper of this girl, Milanese from Villa Cortese, not yet eighteen years old and already absolute Italian indoor champion in Ancona in the first year of the junior category, is such that we have to wait until the last call. The deadlift is at the limit of perfection (only 2.6 cm left on the platform, according to the official World Athletics survey), the action in flight is composed and effective, the rain disturbs it but the reasons are even more thunderous and the desire prevails. to jump on that podium: one centimeter more than the staff made at the Assoluti di Rieti (6.51), swallowed in one fell swoop the Australian Surch (6.45), the Polish Matuszewicz (6.31), the South African Fouche (6.31), lengthening with decision compared to 6.24 which placed it in sixth place (followed by 6.22, two nulls and 6.21) with the risk of sending her home with a bit of bitterness. The silver of the hostess Natalia Linares (Colombia, 6.59) remains at seven centimeters, the gold medal of the Bulgarian Plamena Mitkova (6.66), a 2004 jumper like Amani, and therefore a category opponent, at fourteen. also in the next season. The accent is on the final ‘ì’, as Marta always insists on: athletics runs in the blue’s blood, by mum Marina Favaro, a former Italian fifteenth-century player who also transmitted her passion for speed (yesterday 24.01 in the 200, in the season 53.42 in the 400) as well as that for the long, cultivated on the field of Bienate Magnago with coach Fiorella Colombo defending the colors of Cus Pro Patria Milano.

AMANI: “I JUMPED FOR THOSE WHO WANT ME GOOD” – “I’m really happy, in that last jump I tried to give everything I had – the words of Marta Amani, student at the Tosi scientific high school in Busto Arsizio – I jumped for my coach, for my mom, for those who love me . I was so focused on myself that I hardly noticed the possibility of finishing third, I tried to look at the ranking as little as possible. The team of Italian team mates cheered a lot and I thank them. The rain? No, it didn’t turn out to be a factor, it didn’t hinder me too much. The first jump, 6.24, I put it in when it wasn’t raining yet. And at the last jump I thought about all the workouts I had done and I found the energy inside of me. Unlike the previous jumps, there I didn’t leave centimeters or made any mistakes, but I thought it was a six and forty, no more. But no, it was enough for the medal ”. The choice to run the 200-meter battery on the eve of the long final might have seemed risky but it helped her to free her mind: “Yes, it was risky, but it allowed me to ease the tensions by thinking of something I like. And she also helped me my passion for the piano: before Covid I took lessons, she had encouraged my grandmother since I was a child. Now I have stopped, it is difficult to reconcile with athletics and with studying. I keep playing on my own because it relaxes me: I did it even before Cali, as before every important match “.

24 YEARS AFTER BACCINI – In statistical terms, the blue consolidates fourth place in the Italian junior lists of all times, behind Larissa Iapichino (6.80), Arianna Battistella (6.55) and Maria Chiara Baccini (6.55): the latter she was the first, and to date only, to win a medal in the long run at the U20 World Cup, the same bronze as Marta Amani, in 1998 in Annecy.

4×100 BRACKETS: MEN QUARTERS, WOMEN SCENES – Fourth for men (after the disqualification of South Africa), fifth for women. For men, the change between the third fractionist Alessandro can be perfected Malvezzi and the fourth Alessio Fagg’s, decidedly long, with an accompanying loss of precious cents. The straight of the semifinalist of the 100, however, is applause, with a position gained over Nigeria and the momentary fifth place, which later became fourth due to the exclusion of the South African winners due to a lane invasion. Italy fourth with 39.77 (Eduardo Lombards from Loris Tonella in the first two fractions) two tenths from the bronze of the United States (39.57), not without a hint of regret. Gold goes to Japan (39.35), two thousandths ahead of Jamaica (39.35). In women she holds the Italian record of 44.40 but the fifth place of the quartet formed by Gaya is still prestigious BertelloLudovica gallopAgnes Musica and Ilenia Angelini, at the finish line in a good 44.79 (one tenth more than yesterday’s 44.69 in the heat), the result of three passes of the baton that are not to be thrown away even in the final. It is Jamaica’s world record race (42.59) with a wide margin over the United States (43.28), Colombia’s celebration for the home bronze (44.59).

TRIPLE: MORSELETTO 6th, BRUNO 7th – For three rounds of jumping Federico Morseletto it also cradles dreams of the podium, which in the end remained only sixteen centimeters away. In the triple slashed by the galactic 17.27 of the Jamaican Jaydon Hibbert, the blue couple assert themselves with the sixth place of Morseletto and the seventh of Federico Bruno, both in personal best, respectively with 15.97 (-0.1) and 15.81 (+0.4). After the unreachable “jam”, the other medals are shared by the Indian Selva Thirumaran (16.15) and the Estonian Viktor Morozov (16.13).

HIGH: FURLANI 8 °, STRONATI 12 ° – The rain stops the final of the high when the lap is completed with the bar at 2.10: it is the altitude that is fatal to Mattia Furlani and Edoardo Strong. The U18 European champion Furlani, after the seventh place of the long, must be satisfied with the eighth place in the upper with 2.05 at the first test (after having tamed 2.00 only at the second), the other blue Stronati closes twelfth with 2.00, giving up at 2.05 and making a mistake three times five centimeters higher, thanks to the muscular ailments that have limited him in recent weeks. It takes over an hour for the sky to open and the downpour to recede, so that the final can be resumed. But it does not take off: for the title the very normal 2.14 of the Jamaican Brandon Pottinger is enough, the most shrewd to take advantage of the probably unrepeatable opportunity. Nothing to do for Giovanni Lazarus in the semifinal of 800, eighth in his semifinal with 1: 51.72.

THE OTHER FINALS: SUPER JAMAICA – Stellar evening for Jamaica, which in addition to high, triple and 4×100 women also won the 200 meters: women’s gold to Brianna Lyston (22.65 / 0.0). Ethiopia scores in 3000 meters: the world title goes to Melkeneh Azize (7: 44.06). The 400 obstacles speak Turkish, thanks to Ismail Nezir (48.84). The javelin is a smile for Ukraine thanks to Artur Felfner’s shoulder (79,36).

LIVE – The U20 World Cup in Cali is broadcast live on TV from Monday 1st to Saturday 6th August on live TV on RaiSport+HD in the Italian afternoon (from about 4 pm) and the Italian evening (from about 10 pm). Live streaming on RaiPlay.


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