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What is Tatsuma Ushiyama (Golden Kamuy)?
Tatsuma Ushiyama is a character who appears in “Golden Kamuy”. He is one of the 23 tattooed prisoners and a master of judo. He is a person with a huge and strong body, a stone head, and a unique ear shape. He works in cooperation with Toshizo Hijikata, who is aiming for gold nuggets. Known as “Undefeated Ushiyama,” he defeats various powerful enemies with his outstanding jujutsu and superhuman strength. He is the strongest man in hand-to-hand combat. On the other hand, he is extremely fond of women, and if he does not hold a woman for a certain period of time, he will attack indiscriminately whether he is a man or an old man.

Profile and portrait of Tatsuma Ushiyama

Gender: Male
Personality: Woman lover, gentleman (normal time)
Physique: Giant
Special Skills: Judo, Superhuman Strength
Favorite foods: peach, Sapporo beer
Voice actor: Kenji Nomura

This work “Golden Kamuy” is a combination of gourmet manga and battle manga. The era is the early Meiji era. Set in Hokkaido immediately after the end of the Russo-Japanese War, the Ainu girl Asiripa and the main character, Saichi Sugimoto, who has the nickname of “Immortal Sugimoto,” visit a gold bullion hidden somewhere in Hokkaido. It is a story of running around Hokkaido and fighting various people. In addition, the content introduces Ainu culture and Ainu food throughout the story.

The gold nugget was hidden by a faceless man named Noppera-bo, who was imprisoned in Abashiri Prison. Noppera-bo carved a tattoo of a code indicating the whereabouts of the bullion on 24 vicious prisoners who were also imprisoned in Abashiri Prison. The tattoo was carved to peel off the skin and combine, killing each other and peeling off the tattoo together with the skin. After that, the tattooed prisoners escaped from prison and scattered all over Hokkaido. In addition, various people who heard the story of Noppera-bo’s hidden gold nugget joined, and the battle for gold nugget broke out.

Ushiyama is one of 24 tattooed prisoners, characterized by a huge muscular body, a thick hampen-shaped skin on his forehead, and ears that stick out inside. He is a master of judo and has the nickname of “Undefeated Ushiyama”. The thick skin on his forehead and the ears protruding inside are the result of intense judo practice. In addition, Ushiyama alone supported the rubble of the collapsed building by the owner of superhuman strength, and tossed it. As its name suggests, in hand-to-hand combat, he was undefeated and showed an active role in defeating various strong enemies with jujutsu and superhuman strength. He even throws brown bears. He is exactly the strongest in the work.

Personality is basically a gentleman. He was portrayed as a crude brain man in the early days, but as the story progressed, he became a gentleman and charming character. He is polite, even if he is younger, and even a ugly woman calls him “Kannon-sama”. “When choosing a man, hold him once and see if that man’s cock is a gentleman,” he enthusiastically told the Ainu girl Ashiripa with a heroine. His only drawback is his abnormal libido. He runs away if he doesn’t hold a woman for a period of time and tries to attack indiscriminately whether he is a man or an old man. He was imprisoned in Abashiri Prison because he cuckolded the wife of a judo master and when he was sanctioned, he killed the master and his disciples. His lower body is like another creature. Also, although he is a gentleman, he has no mercy even if he is a woman who betrayed him. He is in the works and he grabs and throws the leg of a woman who sold her to the enemy, breaking her leg.

After jailbreaking from Abashiri Prison, he cooperated with Toshizo Hijikata to help search for gold nuggets. Hijikata is the former deputy director of the Shinsengumi who was active at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, and Toshizo Hijikata, a historical figure who fought against the new government forces in the Boshin War. In historical fact, he died in Goryokaku, but in the film he was ostensibly dead and was secretly imprisoned in Abashiri Prison. Hijikata is also one of the 24 tattooed prisoners and the mastermind of the Abashiri Prison jailbreak. Hijikata founded the Republic of Ezo in Hokkaido and is aiming for a bullion to create a buffer state to prevent Russia’s southward policy. In support of Hijikata’s philosophy, many people cooperate with him to create a large force aiming for the gold nugget “Hijikata Ichiha”. Ushiyama acted as a Hijikata faction and fought against the main character, Saichi Sugimoto, and the 7th Division, a large force aiming for gold nuggets. Ushiyama’s motive for aiming for gold nuggets is to gather strong people to open a tournament and use it for the prize money.

At the end, he was unmatched by one of the many armed 7th Division opponents with his bare hands, and he died from the grenade thrown by the 7th Division. As the synonym of “Undefeated Ushiyama”, there was no single defeat.

Equipment and capabilities of Tatsuma Ushiyama

Outstanding Jiu-Jitsu

Ushiyama’s greatest weapon to defeat all powerful enemies. Even brown bears throw Ushiyama. When he was active as a judoka, he practiced hard for more than 10 hours a day.
・ Strong body
Ushiyama did the hard work in Abashiri Prison, which was so harsh that he was killed. Even after the jailbreak, he tied a rope to a big tree and hit him a thousand times every morning. The skin on his back and hips became hard like a heel, and the big tree that was driving was about to die. Also, in order to increase the power of his foot sweep, he kicked up and trained 60 kg of rice bales every day. The power of the foot sweep was tremendous, sometimes crushing the opponent’s ankle. He once smashed a horse that had plunged into Ushiyama by rolling it with his foot.

Strong body

Ushiyama destroying the wall with Kabedon

The grip strength is also quite strong, and it is enough to squeeze the human skull and leave it in a bedridden state for the rest of its life.

It has a strong body that supports the rubble of a collapsed house by itself and throws it without difficulty.


Ushiyama who catches the nail with his forehead

There is something like a hanpen-shaped octopus on the forehead. As a result of harsh judo training, Ushiyama’s forehead has become thicker and stone-headed. Even if it is stabbed with a five-inch nail, it is quite hard with only a small scratch. I was sometimes pulled by a drunken Ashiripa because he misunderstood that the hanpen was stuck to his forehead.

Judo ears

Ushiyama’s characteristic ears. It is shaped like a pop-out in the ear. This is called “judo ear” and is often found in judo masters. Its true identity is the result of an ear injury called auricular hematoma. When the ear is hit or injured, the blood (hematoma) that bleeds and accumulates between the skin and cartilage of the ear becomes fibrous and hardened, resulting in judo ears.

Judo training is often thrown many times and violently hits or rubs the tatami mats. Therefore, the more you become a master of judo, the more often you become a judo ear. So to speak, it is like a medal of “master of judo”. It tells how Ushiyama has trained in judo.

Woman lover

Ushiyama’s charm and weakness. He loves horny women and goes out of control if he doesn’t hold a woman for a certain period of time. When he goes out of control, he attacks indiscriminately whether he is a man or an old man. For this reason, during the Abashiri Prison era, women were regularly assigned.

If you can put up with your sexual desire, you will not attack a woman indiscriminately, and you will behave like a gentleman against the Ainu beauty Inkarama who is thinking of Matagi’s Genjiro Tanigaki in the former 7th Division. ing. She also treated the girl Ashiripa with respect, and she was loved by Ashiripa as a “cock teacher”. In addition, she does not discriminate against women by appearance and treats them equally. She even called the ugly whore “Kannon-sama,” and burned her anger at Jack the Ripper, the perpetrator of the serial whore murder. He is basically a gentleman who treats women with respect. On the other hand, he has no mercy on the woman who betrayed him. Ushiyama is angry when it turns out that the whore that Ushiyama was holding was teaching Hijikata where he was behind the scenes. He also grabbed the whore’s leg and threw it at Hijikata, who had boarded. The whore is seriously injured with a broken bone.


I have a revolver for self-defense. However, there is no depiction that Ushiyama, who likes human bullet fighting, actually fired.


Sugimoto who uses Ekuroku (person on the image)



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