a new player refuses to leave, Luis Campos has been warned!

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Luis Campos needs to sell this summer to make room for new players for his new yard. Problem, the players of the PSG in place do not really want to leave. Last example, Ander Herrera, the Spanish midfielder who confided in AS and assured his wish to stay.

“Yes, it’s been three years and I’m happy. I think this is a project where we still need the icing on the cake as everyone knows. As demanding as I am of myself, I want to continue and enjoy a growing club surrounded by the best footballers in the universe. I like everyday life, the city and my colleagues. My family is happy and I want to continue. »

An Ander Herrera who knows, however, that the competition will increase if Renato Sanches or Vitinha were to sign at PSG. But no question for him to be afraid of competition, he who remembers having already rubbed shoulders with the heavy side of Manchester United.

“I like it. In Manchester, they asked me the same question when Schweinsteiger, Matic, Pogba or Fred were there. Danilo, Gueye, Rafinha came to Paris… And I played and I always had responsibilities. It made me a better footballer. I like having midfielders by my side who make me better and the team better. »

Ander Herrera, finally, returned to Kylian Mbappé’s decision to stay at PSG. Assuring himself that he believed that Bondy’s crack would sign for Real Madrid, but calling on the readers of the Spanish newspaper to respect his decision.

“People didn’t ask him what he was going to do. I was in a similar situation at United, obviously without all the repercussions, and the teammates leave you alone. In this case, it was no different. I thought for a long time that he would go to Madrid, but in the end it was not like that. We must respect the decision of a boy from Paris, born in the suburbs, who could not play for PSG because he left for Monaco too soon and who decided to want to enter the history of the club with his town. »

to summarize

While Luis Campos would like to slim down the workforce of PSG, the Parisian sports adviser comes up against a new refusal from a player who does not wish to leave. Ander Herrera has told AS he doesn’t want to pack his bags.



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