What did Gabe Kapler say about the national anthem?

SAN Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler gave his personal testimony on the national anthem and what he thinks it represents on Friday, May 27.

After the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Kapler said he “disagreed with the state of our nation” and regretted not protesting the national anthem sooner.

What did Gabe Kapler say about the national anthem?

Kapler told reporters Friday that he has no plans to join the team on the field during the national anthem until he feels “better about the direction of our country.”

On his personal lifestyle blog, he wrote an entire blog post on the subject, titled Land of the Brave?

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Kapler wrote on his blog:

“We stand in honor of a country where we elect representatives to serve us to carefully consider and enact laws that will protect the interests of all people in this country and move this country towards the vision of the ‘shining city on the hill “ advance .”

“But instead, we mindlessly combine our moment of silence and sadness with equally mindless celebration for a country that refuses to embrace the concept of controlling the sale of weapons used almost exclusively for the mass slaughter of people.”

“We have our moment (again and again), and then we move on without demanding real change from the people we empower to make those changes.”

“We stand up, we bow our heads, and the people in power take a break and celebrate their own patriotism at every turn.”


How did the fans react to Kapler’s statements?

While many fans agreed with Kapler’s take on the national anthem, many MLB fans took to Twitter to disagree with his stance.

User @Br00ke925 went to the platform, tweet: “Thank you, Chap. We all felt so lost and disoriented. Conflict, living in the land of the free but being held hostage by special interest groups like the NRA who are pouring money into lawmakers’ pockets Children should be priceless.”

Gabe Kapler chose not to join the team during the national anthem


On the other hand, Erick Aguilar, who is running for Congress, took control of Twitter @ErickAguilarJAX to say “Did Gabe Kapler serve in the military or is he a coward talking about my country?”

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Has Kapler ever protested against the national anthem?

In 2020, Kapler knelt next to outfielder Jaylin Davis during the national anthem before an exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics.

Back then, Kapler joined Davis in solidarity as they protested the racial and social injustices the US was facing.

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