NBA champion threatens his ex with a gun! Total Freak – US Sport

Shocking incident in the USA!

NBA star Rajon Rondo (36) is said to have threatened his former girlfriend Ashley Bachelor (36) with a gun! This is reported by the US portal “TMZ”.

Rondo has two children with his wife. The freak is said to have happened on May 11 in Louisville, Kentucky.

First, the two-time NBA champion (2008 with Boston, 2020 with the Lakers) is said to have ticked off because the woman had disturbed him while playing video games with one of the children.

Bachelor says Rondo ripped the game console out of the wall in front of the child.

But that’s not all. The NBA player smashed everything from a teacup to outdoor lamps and trash cans.

Photo: Ron Schwane / AP

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Rondo last played for the Cleveland CavaliersPhoto: Ron Schwane / AP

The children wanted to calm him down, so he left the house for the time being. However, he probably cried out when leaving: “You’re dead!”

According to Bachelor, 15 minutes later he returned with the gun and threatened the woman.

According to her description, Rondo banged on the door, yelled over and over again: “Get my damn son!”

Out of fear she gave in, shortly afterwards Rondo dragged her son out the door. He yelled at him and asked why the boy was afraid of his father – at the time he is said to have still held the gun in his hand.

Apparently that wasn’t enough for him. Bachelor says Rondo also wanted to see the daughter. As she finally explained, Rondo’s mother and father were there at that moment. Shortly thereafter, the basketball player took off.

Two days later, she asked for a protective order. The letter is available to TMZ.

Bachelor describes: “I am very concerned for my safety and for the safety of my children. Rajon has a history of erratic, moody, and explosive behavior. He is verbally, emotionally, and financially abusive. He physically beats our son, calls him a ‘P***e’ and accuses him of behaving like a ‘slut’. Rajon also verbally attacks our daughter. He insults her with terms like ‘bitch’, ‘chick’ and ‘moron’. Rajon has repeatedly threatened me with death and said he will shoot me or shoot my car.”

The protective order requires Rondo to temporarily stay at least 500 feet away from Bachelor and her children.

Rajon Rondo recently ended his 16th NBA season. The four-time All-Star was eliminated with the Cavaliers in the play-offs play-in tournament. His contract has expired. Now he’s looking for a new club…



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