Liverpool can show off the FA Cup after new penalty kick drama against Chelsea | The Emirates FA Cup 2021/2022

Liverpool have won the FA Cup for the first time since 2006. Just like in the League Cup final, there were penalties in the final against Chelsea and once again it was Liverpool who were the best.

Chelsea – Liverpool in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Just like in the League Cup final, Liverpool pull the longest in the penalty shootout. Mane still has mercy after Azpilicueta’s miss, but Tsimikas punishes Mount’s miss.
  • Man of the match: With Luis Diaz, Liverpool have a gold nugget in their hands. The Colombian switched from Porto during the winter mercato and has shown himself to be a real asset several times. He was the star again tonight.
  • Remarkable: Bad for Chelsea. The London club has reached the FA Cup final for the third year in a row and is left empty-handed for the third time. After Arsenal and Leicester City, it now bit his teeth on Liverpool.

Liverpool can show off the FA Cup again after 16 years:

Liverpool and Chelsea miss the opportunities

No Origi in the base at Liverpool, Lukaku was allowed to start at Chelsea, where Havertz dropped out injured at the last minute. The Red Devil was on an island in the opening minutes, because Liverpool immediately grabbed Chelsea by the throat. Especially Diaz made it very difficult for the Blues, after less than 10 minutes Mendy kept the Colombian from 0-1.

Chelsea did not surface until halfway through the first half when Pulisic narrowly scored on a pass from Mount. Not much later, the American presented a dot of a chance to Alonso, but he aimed for Alisson after a weak assumption. Liverpool escaped unscathed, but also had bad luck when Salah had to go off injured after half an hour.

As strong Liverpool’s start was, so bright was Chelsea’s start in the second half. Alonso narrowly scored and aimed a free kick at the crossbar, while Pulisic forced Alisson to make a good save.

Liverpool escaped again, but came very close to the winning goal in the final phase itself. The goal wood threw a spanner in the works for the Reds on two occasions. First Diaz hit the outside of the post, then Robertson hit the stake from close range. Lukaku just saw it happen on the field, he was replaced by Ziyech after a pale match.

Mendy and Alisson didn’t flinch:

Painful déjà vu for Chelsea

There were no more goals and so we got extra time at Wembley. They turned out to be a size for nothing. Just like in the League Cup final at the end of February, penalties had to make the decision. Then Tuchel quickly exchanged Mendy for Kepa. That didn’t work out well, so he let Mendy stand this time.

But again things went wrong for the London club. Azpilicueta hit the second penalty for Chelsea against the post and Mane could decide it at 4-4, but the Senegalese failed. Liverpool got a second chance when Alisson took the penalty from Mount and substitute Tsimikas didn’t crack under the pressure.

The FA Cup is once again for Liverpool for the first time since 2006. Chelsea relives a nightmare. After the loss in the League Cup final, it is now also left empty-handed.

Tsimikas blasts Liverpool to the win:

  1. penalty kicks, 8:35 p.m. Tsimikas does it! Mane failed, Tsimikas did not! He sends Mendy the wrong way, the FA Cup is for Liverpool! Just like in the League Cup, Chelsea is left empty-handed. †
  2. penalty kicks, 8 p.m. 34.5. Mount kicks in too weak, Alisson saves! Another chance for Liverpool to finish it! †
  3. penalty kicks, 8 p.m. 34.5. Tension at Jota, but he also handles it well. The signs are aligned again. †
  4. penalty kicks, 8:33 PM. 5-4. Ziyech has to wait a while, because a smoke bomb has been thrown on the field. Not ideal at such a moment, but it doesn’t bother him. He converts the penalty kick hard. †
  5. penalty kicks, 8:32 PM. 4-4. Mane can decide, but he’s leaving it! Mendy saves the penalty! †
  6. penalty kicks, 8:30 p.m. 4-4. Jorginho keeps Chelsea in the running. Alisson has no story. †
  7. penalty kicks, 8:30 p.m. 3-4. Alexander-Arnold does not crack under the pressure. He sends Mendy to the wrong corner. †
  8. penalty kicks, 8:29 PM. 3-3. Barkley does what he was brought on to do: score. It’s right again. †
  9. penalty kicks, 8 p.m. 28. 2-3. Firmino hesitates for a moment in the run-up. Mendy is there, but just not enough. Liverpool back ahead. †
  10. penalty kicks, 8:27 p.m. 2-2. James does not fail. He also finishes nicely with a ball through the middle. †
  11. penalty kicks, 8 p.m. 26. 1-2. Thiago remains icy calm and neatly paints the penalty into goal. Liverpool leading! †
  12. penalty kicks, 8:25 p.m. 1-1, Azpilicueta misses! Azpilicueta lets it go! He aims the ball against the post! †
  13. penalty kicks, 8:25 p.m. 1-1. Milner does not fail eye to eye with Mendy, who did choose the right angle. He brings Liverpool alongside again. †
  14. penalty kicks, 8:23 PM. 1-0. Alonso takes the first penalty kick. The Spaniard converts the penalty flawlessly. †
  15. clock 20:00 penalty kicks

    penalty kicks, 20 hours match over

  16. 14-05-2022.
  17. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Liverpool’s Kostas Tsimikas. 5, 6.
  18. † Missed penalty during penalty shootout by Chelsea’s Mason Mount.
  19. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Diogo Jota of Liverpool. 5, 5.
  20. † Penalty scored on penalties by Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech. 5, 4.
  21. † Missed penalty during penalty shootout by Liverpool’s Sadio Mane.
  22. † Penalty scored on penalties by Jorginho of Chelsea. 4, 4.
  23. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold. 3, 4.
  24. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Chelsea’s Ross Barkley. 3, 3.
  25. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino. 2, 3.
  26. † Penalty scored on penalties by Chelsea’s Reece James. 2, 2.
  27. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Liverpool’s Thiago. 1, 2.
  28. † Missed penalty during penalty shootout by César Azpilicueta of Chelsea.
  29. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Liverpool’s James Milner. 1, 1.
  30. † Penalty scored on penalty kicks by Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso. 1, 0.
  31. clock 19:45 penalty kicks

    penalty kicks, 7:45 p.m. match started

  32. second extra time, minute 122. Penalty kicks! It is over! Just like in the League Cup final, penalty kicks have to decide who can raise the cup later. Will it be Liverpool again or will Chelsea take revenge? †
  33. second overtime, minute 119. Loftus-Cheek back to the side. Striking change from Tuchel. He takes Loftus-Cheek to the side again, who had only come in at the start of the second extension. Barkley comes between the lines, he may have to take a penalty later. †


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