Adrián Ramos spoke about his experience with Jurgen Klopp and analyzed Luis Díaz’s present | football curiosities

In a recent chat with Win Sports the striker of America de Cali, Adrian Ramosrecalled what his experience was with Jurgen Klopp. The German directed him at Borussia Dortmund and contrary to the idyll he lives with Luis Díaz in Liverpool, the relationship between them was not easy at all. The referent of the ‘Red Devils’ said that he did not have a good time and that they even lasted months without speaking to each other.

“With Klopp we had a lot of indifference because he demanded of me, just the way he is. Sometimes I didn’t like the way he did it. I felt that he highlighted every mistake, I felt that I couldn’t make a mistake and I didn’t like that. I like something, I’ll let him know, and maybe he didn’t like the way I did it and I lost confidence on his part. Unfortunately, I got the other side, but it’s part of football,” Ramos said.

Adrián added that “Klopp was good at the beginning”, however, the relationship began to change. “Then it was just coach-player. He greeted me like respectful people. I went and did my job. In the second season it took him two or three months to talk to me and I just assumed: I have to train to earn an opportunity. Things weren’t going well with Klopp and the striker who was playing was in good condition. Things don’t always go our way, but the experiences remain.”

Is he as charismatic as he looks? Klopp seems to get along perfectly with Luis Díaz and he is an idyll that fans celebrate. The Colombian looks very comfortable in the ‘Reds’ and the coach gives him confidence with minutes and pampering. As well as the fatherly hug after the weekend’s goal against Brighton. “What we have seen of him is that he is charismatic, dedicated to his team, but with me he was not that person”-

Ramos said that he did not have such a good time while he was directed by the German, beyond the fact that he was a great coach, one of those who demand. The relationship between the two was tense. “It was difficult to know that he was going to train and he wasn’t going to be called up, or that if he was called up he was the 18th player who went to the stands. That was hard, but thank God at one point I said I have to train because I can’t fall apart The love of football kept me going, wanting to be important in a team whether it was there or not. That made me not give up.”

On the other hand, Adrián recognized that with the arrival of Thomas Tuchel everything changed for the better and Klopp’s “ghost” quickly vanished. Little by little he regained confidence and became a protagonist at Borussia Dortmund. “With him (Tuchel) the demand was to the maximum. He was more detailed than Klopp, he highlighted the mistake but also said that it was what he wanted, it was more about getting closer to talking. He was another coach and I felt better, in the end I received an opportunity and I showed why Borussia had invested in me. I am very grateful to him”.

Luis Díaz has been in Liverpool for less than two months; he played his first ten games and has two goals. He came in strong and gained the trust of Klopp, who praises him whenever he gets a chance.

In this regard, Ramos acknowledged that “Luis is on a very good path, he is showing a character and a personality that very few have. Let’s hope he continues like this and competing in that way, he has a coach who can exploit that talent. With Klopp he He can take that leap in quality and I hope he takes advantage of that time in Liverpool, so that later when he has to come to the National Team he transmits it and spreads it”.



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