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A professional basketball player disappears in an area of ​​Mexico controlled by cartels

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27 dic 2021 04:39 GMT

The taxi driver who was transporting the athlete also stopped answering messages from his relatives and has been reported missing.

Alexis Cervantes Guerrero, a 32-year-old basketball player for Libertadores de Querétaro, was reported missing this Sunday by the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán (Mexico).

The athlete was in the municipality of Los Reyes participating in a series of tournaments and was last seen on December 21, when he boarded a bus to Guadalajara to later take a flight to his hometown of Guasave, in Sinaloa, where he intended to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with his family.

However, the Primera Plus line bus ended up returning to its starting point for some reason that is still unknown, local media report.

“He had already been to Michoacán several times, perhaps that is why it was easy for him to return. He had never had problems, it is very quiet. He gave no sign that he was in danger“, said Óscar Cervantes Guerrero, Alexis’s brother.

The athlete decided to take a taxi at the Los Reyes bus station. However, the driver of the vehicle, Marcos Sandoval Julián, was also reported missing by the authorities, as he stopped answering the messages of his relatives after assuring that he was going to Guadalajara and that he was between the cities of Sahuayo Michoacán and La Barca.

The area where Guerrero disappeared is the territory of the Los Reyes Cartel, which belongs to the United Cartels, a criminal organization to which numerous kidnappings and disappearances are attributed.

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