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The trade the Warriors could make to become unplayable!

by archysport

Leading the league with a record of 15 wins for 2 losses, the Warriors are already asserting themselves as big contenders for the title. The bad news for the competition? Klay Thompson, on the sidelines for more than two years, will return… and a trade could well take place.

Everyone had heard the hallway noises about Draymond Green’s motivation, Steph Curry et al, and everyone expected to see the Warriors rise from their ashes and be a hit this season. But at this point? It was much more unpredictable. Well established around their leaders, an impeccable Andrew Wiggins and a Jordan Poole in MIP mode, Steve Kerr’s men are sweeping the NBA this fall.

The situation would be worrying enough for the rival teams if the roster were to remain as it was… but this is not the case! Klay Thompson, an elite full-back on both sides of the field, is expected to return in December, not to mention James Wiseman also still on the sidelines. In addition, a transfer cannot be ruled out before the February deadline …

The 2 players who would make Golden State unplayable according to Simmons

Always aggressive in the market, GM Bob Myers and owner Joe Lacob are never satisfied with what they have, even when it comes to excellence. Rumors have it that they are snooping around in the market, and luckily, journalist Bill Simmons has exactly what they need. That’s what he explained in his own podcast, revealing the team Golden State would be inspired to do business with:

There is a team that I think would be an interesting fit. And come on, I’m gonna start some trade rumors. I see a team from Indiana this season that doesn’t necessarily have a great chemistry, and it looks like Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis are going to be in the trade talks at one point or another. I think of Sabonis in the Warriors, and how interesting that would be. Same for Turner.

If I were the Warriors, in the form they are, dominating the West, my instinct would be to do nothing. But Sabonis would be THE guy I would move for if I were them. For his basketball IQ, and the fit that he would have on this team.

Silently, the Lithuanian has indeed a very good start to the season in Indiana, with 17.8 points and 11.1 rebounds on average. Versatile and able to punish off, the big man actually seems to be made to play in the Warriors system. Turner, in a different vein, would also be an asset alongside Draymond Green in making the snowshoe an impenetrable fortress. Will the track be activated? Very smart who can know it at this stage, but it clearly deserves reflection …

In great shape and leaders of the league, will the Warriors try the poker game of a trade to further strengthen, even if it means risking the hybrid and to sacrifice some young players from the roster? One thing is certain: Domantas Sabonis or Myles Turner Golden State jersey on the back, surrounded by Curry, Green and others, it makes you want …

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