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the Jazz and the undefeated Warriors, the Lakers who warm up and the Thunder soon in Ligue 2

by archysport

Five games last night and some big posters with in particular the two franchises still undefeated in the West, the Knicks who continue to send the pate, then the Lakers who go up in speed and a Nikola Jokic bleeding but not for long. Shall we send the summary? Come on, we send the big summary of this new NBA night.

# The results of the night

# What you must remember

  • The Knicks gave Joel Embiid a nightmare
  • The Sixers showed Julius Randle some
  • But JVLIVS was better surrounded than Jojo: Knicks win!
  • 18 points at 6/10 including 4/6 from far away for Evan Fournier
  • The Thunder were very good for two quarters, and they went back to Thunder.
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was very, very good
  • 24 minutes for Théo Megalodon but still a lot of awkwardness
  • The Warriors are therefore 4-0 and set to start an eight-game home series.
  • Luka Doncic dropped some pearls
  • Eric Gordon planted 15 points in the third quarter, just that raised a few # 6MOY hashtags but you still have to not push
  • The Mavs ended up quietly disposing of the Houston neighbor
  • Kristaps Porzingis had a huge cockade and he also came out on injury, a phrase that could be the title of his biography.
  • Incredible match between a beautiful youth of Spurs and two Californian superheroes
  • LeBron James didn’t play due to painful ankle pain
  • Nikola Jokic ate ​​French for half time then had a little sore knee
  • Good for Jazz because otherwise the Joker would probably have finished in 12/48/12.
  • Suddenly it is the Jazz which won and which is at the head of the West with the Warriors
  • Rudy Gobert had 23 points, 16 rebounds and a quiet halftime.

# Some images to brighten up your day

# The Top 10 of the night

# TTFL scores of the night

# Tonight’s program

  • 1h : Magic – Hornets
  • 1h30 : Celtics – Wizards
  • 1h30 : Nets – Heat
  • 1h30 : Raptors – Pacers
  • 1h30 : Pelicans – Hawks
  • 2h : Bucks – Wolves
  • 2h : Thunder – Lakers
  • 4h : Suns – Kings
  • 4h : Blazers – Grizzlies
  • 4h30 : Clippers – Cavs

Wednesday Panzani is approaching, but for now we are slowly recovering from this new very intense night. And if you can’t find sleep, know that maybe it was Luguentz Dort who stole it from you, a two-way valve eh.

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