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Espanyol settles outstanding debt with added time (2-2)

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Lack of good play, a lot of faith. One week after missing a valuable draw against the reigning league champions in the 99th minute, Espanyol found a golden point in the 97th minute at Benito Villamarín (2-2). Nor did he deserve not to score against Atlético nor did he deserve to do so against Betis. Football is so wonderful, unpredictable, inexplicable and impossible to understand.

Because it is very difficult to understand how it is possible for a team that has been hit for more than 75 minutes to end up scratching, in desperation, a point of great value when everything seemed lost. Cabrera’s tie, wholeheartedly, must bring optimism to a squad that has started the league with doubts and still does not find the path to victory.

The most worrying part of the visit to Benito Villamarín has been the step back in terms of football for a Spaniard who has clearly been overtaken by Betis. The Andalusians had a monopoly on the game until the last quarter of an hour of play, when they were left with one man less for the expulsion, warned by the VAR, of Pezzella. Until then, Pellegrini’s had made Diego López the best of the Spaniards. With up to seven interventions, the Galician has kept alive a Spaniard who has not given up despite the storm.

And it is that Betis has run over the Spanish team based on verticality and a very high pace. With the talent of Canales and Fekir inside and the depth of the Catalans Álex Moreno and Héctor Bellerín in the lanes, the Andalusians have taken a Spaniard by surprise who has been forced to defend with all available cash. The white-and-blues, in spite of everything, have managed to advance in an isolated attack led by RdT, who has assisted Aleix Vidal so that this one finishes to pleasure. Espanyol were able to double the lead in the 39th minute, when Embarba rushed in and, after leaving Pezzella on the ground, wanted to try a shot from outside the box. The two warnings spurred Betis, who two minutes later started an express comeback that allowed them to turn the score around before the break. Fekir and Willian José have taken advantage of the lack of control and lack of defensive strength of the Spaniards.

Eight minutes added

Vicente Moreno has seen how the midfield that had worked against him against Atlético has failed against Betis and has sacrificed him at halftime to provide muscle with Keidi Bare and depth with Loren. Two changes that did not alter the script much in the restart but that ended up helping the team to gain balance. Espanyol did not have continuity with the ball nor did they know how to stop the attacks of a very persistent Betis until Pezzella did him a great favor by nailing the heels to Aleix Vidal’s leg. With one man less, Betis has retreated, and Espanyol has sought a draw with more faith than football.

The white-and-blues were not generating a sense of danger, but they took advantage of the eight minutes of added time. Notice to sailors: Matches in this League must be sweated to the end. In a very tangled play, Dimata tried a shot and Cabrera, who joined the attack, solved with a shot to the bottom of the net. Espanyol saves the wreck with a point, but does not avoid an image that will have to improve bravely in a week of two games.


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