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The 12 races not to be missed: Pellegrini, Simone Biles, Federer – The guide of 7

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of Arianna Ravelli

We start on the 24th with judo and the first hope of a medal, then fencing, team sports, swimming of phenomena. Lights on the girl of the impossible vaulting, mister tennis, the shooting family. To find out, ultimately, who Usain Bolt’s heir will be

On July 23, set an extra seat at the table: at 1pm there is the world knocking on the door with its best youth – colorful, smiling, including all the differences – to try to convince (first of all a very badly disposed Tokyo) that we can leave again. Games 2020 + 1: only when we see the athletes parading at the inaugural ceremony will we be convinced that the most tormented Olympics of the modern era are really taking place. At that point, between the classic game of quotations and uniform votes, a collective rite will be reactivated by magic that will conquer even those who were not better off doing them ?. The journey through the 12 events not to be missed is a path that follows tastes and sympathies, takes into account sensational gaps and will in any case be upset by the unexpected stories that will conquer the world. It only happens at the Olympics, for 15 days, every 4 years (er, 5).

Skate, climbing and surfing: the debuts

Let’s go: if on July 24 we hope to celebrate the first medal with Manuel Lombardo (1) in judo and continue with fencing, the 25 wake up at 5 for the first ever skateboarding final. With climbing and surfing, skateboarding makes its debut at the Games, also in an attempt to meet the tastes of the youngest. So let’s see what effect the skating of flying kids will have on Olympia, like the thirteen-year-old starlet Sky Brown, interviewed by Gaia Piccardi in the previous pages, a life of sensational tumbles behind her. Italy plays little team at the Olympics: between men and women there are 13 representatives left at home. When we are here, we have our say: the men’s national volleyball teams with Tsar Zaytsev – night of July 24th, first match – and female with Egonu (2), Sylla & co – 24 hours later – and Settebello (away on July 25 at 1) world champion in water polo guarantee safe emotions.

The last 200 styles of federica Pellegrini

In the first week the master swimming with his new phenomena: on July 26 around 4 there is the final of the 100 meters breaststroke, which the English Adam Peaty has turned into another sport (Martinenghi will try to keep up with him), the next day there is the women’s one, with queen Lilly King and Benny Pilato world record holder in the 50 , and so on, the final 100 style fastest ever (Miressi says her), the cannibal Katie Ledecky will test Quadarella in the 1500s) and then on July 27 breathlessness to understand, in the batteries of the 800, if Gregorio Paltrinieri (3) recovered from mononucleosis. However it may have gone, the Divina’s exit from the water deserves special attention: Federica Pellegrini (4) will swim her last 200 styles, before organizing the second half of her life: the hope that it will not happen before the dawn of July 28, because it would mean being in the final.

Simone Biles, the jumps against harassment

From one symbolic woman to another: on July 29, at 10.50 am, Simone Biles (5) goes on stage, with the jumps that only she can perform, in the final of the general competition (one, in the vault, has been forbidden because it is too dangerous). Then say enough to the sport that gave her everything (the ransom after a difficult childhood) and risked taking away the same (the harassment suffered by the doctor Larry Nassar). Our lady of gymnastics, on the other hand, Vanessa Ferrari (6), at her fourth Olympics, on August 2 I will look for the missing medal in the free body. The same goal of coach Roger Federer (7) – who won in the doubles in Beijing -, who put the Tokyo stage at the top of the preferences of his long career finale: there is no romantic in the world that you do not hope to see him on 1 August at 3 to play the final for the gold. He has never made a mistake, not even when the lenticular tumbler burst on a manhole, you can’t see why he should do it in Tokyo: after winning five times in the Giro, Filippo Ganna (8) on July 28 he wants the one that matters most, before he even tries his hand at the track.

Miss 99: the queen of clay pigeons Jessica

Speaking of who does not betray: the shooting family has often arranged the medal table for us, so – after having seen her carry the tricolor with Elia Viviani -, on July 29 we will find Jessica Rossi (9) with the rifle in the final: the race of miss 99 (targets hit) out of 100 among the events to follow, and in the end we will also find out if she will compete with her ex-husband. Still disappointed with the bronze in Rio where he was a great favorite, here is Frank Chamizo (10), our fighter with a novel story: born in Havana, disqualified from the Cuban national team, naturalized Italian after getting married to his colleague Dilma Caneva, from which now separated: Tokyo goes for gold (August 6).

Gimbo Tamberi towards the final

The second week his majesty athletics enters the scene: Sunday 1st August, after 10 we want to see Gimbo Tamberi (11) – half beard, platinum blonde, however he wants to get dressed – in the high jump final: an injury took Rio away from him, his chance. Finally, at 12.50, the most magical 9 semicolon seconds of the Games, when the air becomes pure electricity: in the 100-meter final we will find out who Usain Bolt’s heir: the American Trayvon Bromell (12), born in St. Petersburg , but in Florida, where life hard and there is no room for dreams (his words), rebuilt after he had already broken knees, forearm and hip at 14, he is a candidate for the throne. Good fun.

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