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Gabriel Deck amazes: he excelled in another Oklahoma City Thunder loss and already has some better numbers than Campazzo’s in the NBA

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In social networks, he liked the nickname “Tortuga”, so paradoxical for a player in a hectic sport, basketball. And on the court he likes what he does Gabriel Deck, which already has some better stats than Facundo Campazzo himself. For example, those of points per game, nothing less.

And he achieves it in a very poor team, one of the worst at the moment in the NBA, which keeps losing and losing. Oklahoma City Thunder fell in his stadium in front of another loose team from the Western Conference, Sacramento Kings, for 103 a 99, and Deck still does not feel the taste of a victory in the best league in the world. All four of their matches ended in losses. On the other hand, the santiagueño progresses every time and is already standing out: this Tuesday was the player with the fewest minutes of action, 16, Y second in scoring, with 16 so many. His personal record, after productions of 2, 8 and 11 units.

The power of Tortuga

In addition, he achieved such a figure with high effectiveness: 4 of 6 in doubles, 1 of 1 in triples Y 5 of 6 in free throws. And supplemented with 3 rebounds, 3 assists Y 1 robo. Everything, in those 16 minutes. With the best +/- of the set, incidentally: +7. The question remains why the coach Mark Daigneault he no longer used the inspired Argentine.

As said, Deck amazes by registering better numbers than his friend Campazzo in some areas: averages 9.2 points per match, compared to 5.8 from Cordoba, and 5.2 rebounds, against 1.8 of Facundo. Of course, the advantage in this last aspect is more than expected, given the role of each (forward or power forward against base). And it should be noted that only four games of Deck’s career in the NBA have elapsed, while the Denver Nuggets’ 7 already has 59.

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Compact Production Deck vs. Sacrament

And it is also worth noting that the Oklahoma City 6 integrates a roster much more limited in wealth, with which it is more feasible to stand out among those teammates, while Campazzo is in a front-line team, the fifth in effectiveness over the 30 in the league. . Beyond comparisons, Gabriel Deck is living a great start in the elite of world basketball.

He already reaps praise in the press (who had objections before his arrival) and by the technical director. In a set chaotic in their offensive, full of young people who tend to seek personal brilliance rather than collective efficiency (Against Sacramento, his teammate Josh Hall pushed Tortuga when he had almost won a rebound and made him miss the ball), the santiagueño excels with his FIBA ​​game manual and his Argentine school: neat, judicious, he plays for the team with fundamentals. Little gives the ball to the opponent (0.5 losses per game) and is mentally quick to resolve. In this Wednesday’s game he had the pleasure of achieving a triple for the first time in his career in the United States, but in that statistical field he must improve a lot (1 of 7 in total). Deck himself points it out.

On the other hand, he knows how to post and win in melee, appear surprisingly near the goal, score with fadeaways (step back and throw). It grows each time, and averages 18 minutes of participation. As Daigneault mentioned, it is a fake rookie at 26 years old and with experience, achievements and a good appearance in Real Madrid, no less. He has six commitments ahead to achieve the effective extension of the contract signed for four years. The silent Deck is saying, on the court and on the roster, that it may well continue in the franchise.

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