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Day 12 of Football Leaks. The difficulties in recognizing documents stolen by Rui Pinto, the “whistleblower of Portuguese football cheats” & nda …

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“I don’t remember if it happened in my email box”, “it’s possible” or “I don’t have a memory”. The Sporting witnesses heard this Wednesday in what was the 12th session of the Football Leaks trial showed some difficulty remembering whether the documents allegedly stolen by Rui Pinto were in his mailboxes or not email, which will have been accessed by the alleged hacker. Two of the three witnesses were even confronted with some of these documents, but failed to recognize them.

Otávio Machado, former Sporting director, was the first witness to be heard in this morning’s session. Despite recognizing that the club’s pre-contract with Andre Carrillo, disclosed in the site Football Leaks, “could have stopped by”, through his email, also admits that “Other people may have access” to the document. “I don’t know much about these things”, he ended up commenting. As for the Peruvian player’s compromise agreement, the doubts were the same.

Rui Caeiro, former administrator of SAD leonina, was also unable to tell the court whether the documents published in Football Leaks “were taken” from his email box. “I didn’t realize [da intrusão]”, he explained. The witness was then confronted with four documents, but when asked by the Attorney of the Republic Marta Viegas whether they were in his email box, he was unable to give this guarantee: “I don’t remember and I’m not sure it was in my email box” , said regarding Andre Carrillo’s pre-contract. “I don’t remember if it happened in my mailbox. Being signed by me, I certainly read it ”, he said in relation to another document. But what was the probability of being? “It’s possible. Very likely and very plausible ”, ended up saying.

The former Sporting director also reported to the court that he felt “extremely bad” when he learned from the police that his email had been accessed. “I never thought anyone was interested [no email]. Nothing happened on my computer, ”he said. Otávio Machado explained that he felt “hurt” by the fact that someone might suspect that they could be doing “something illegal”.

I felt… how shall I say… violated my right to privacy and that I was suspicious for any citizen. This shocked me deeply and I will not admit it to anyone, ”he added.

During the afternoon, three more witnesses were heard, who made brief statements mainly to confirm before the court that they were not in Budapest at the time of the attacks and that, for this reason, they were not able to access their own emails through Hungary. One of them, Augusto Inácio, former Sporting coach, confessed to the court that “sincerely“, felt “no invasion”. Before going to court, the former coach had argued that Rui Pinto was a “whistleblower for Portuguese football cheats”.

A similar speech had the former vice-president of the Sporting modalities, José Vicente de Moura, who admitted that the alleged attack on Sporting went “completely unnoticed”.

I realized that there were problems with the emails because I couldn’t get in. Then they gave me another password, but it went completely unnoticed, ”he explained.

José Laranjeira, a former member of Sporting’s player prospection department, also seemed to devalue the attack and explained that he made little use of his email – allegedly accessed by Rui Pinto.

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The trial has yet another session this week: this Thursday the ex-president of Sporting should be heard, Bruno de Carvalho, Virgílio Lopes and Pedro Almeida. Jorge Jesus may also be heard in the afternoon, but the court is still trying to confirm his presence.

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Rui Pinto, the main defendant, is responsible for 90 crimes – all related to the fact that you have accessed the computer systems and mailboxes emails of people linked to Sporting, Doyen, the PLMJ law firm, the Portuguese Football Federation, the Portuguese Bar Association and the PGR. Among those targeted are Jorge Jesus, Bruno de Carvalho, the then director of DCIAP Amadeu Guerra or lawyer José Miguel Júdice. Thus, 68 are of undue access, 14 of violation of correspondence, six of illegitimate access and also for computer sabotage to Sporting’s SAD and for attempted extortion to the Doyen investment fund.

Aníbal Pinto, his lawyer at the time of the alleged crimes, is responsible for the crime of attempted extortion. This is because, according to the investigation, Rui Pinto demanded from Doyen a payment between 500 thousand and one million euros so that he would not publish documents related to the society that concludes contracts with football clubs worldwide. Aníbal Pinto, then lawyer of the hacker, will have served as your intermediary. And that is why the two of them sit side by side, in front of the panel of judges.

Rui Pinto. The boy with the “spiky hair” who was already on the school computers before being the “John” of Football Leaks

The alleged hacker has been in preventive detention since March 22, 2019 and was placed under house arrest on April 8 of this year, in a house made available by the PJ. Following a request made by the defendant’s defense, the judge Margarida Alves, president of the panel of judges – who is judging Rui Pinto and who has Judges Ana Paula Conceição and Pedro Lucas as his assistant – decided to release him. The alleged hacker left the PJ premises in early August and his current address is unknown.

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