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Campaign – Failed for Federer: De Niro will not come to Switzerland

by archysport

Beautiful landscapes, huge stars and a dash of humor: the new clip from Switzerland Tourism is a success.

Roger Federer sent beautiful pictures from Switzerland at Robert De Niro because he wants to convince him to participate in a film praising our country. The champion then takes his cell phone and phones the actor to finish persuading him. But in the end it will be a flop: «Roger, I’ll be blunt: it won’t happen», launches him the legendary American actor.

This is the scenario of a Switzerland Tourism video revealed on Tuesday. His new ambassador Federer is chatting there with the one he calls «Bob»: Robert De Niro. We see sublime images of the country, a dialogue between two gigantic stars and there is a nice pinch of humor. In short: this campaign clip to promote tourism in Switzerland is a success, a joat the coup.

And the drama in all of this?

“By adding a Hollywood touch to our campaign, we hope to generate renewed interest in Switzerland and its spectacularly beautiful nature,” said Martin Nydegger, director of Switzerland Tourism, in the press release.

Okay, mbut it’s a bit annoying: Why does De Niro refuse the man’s invitation to the 20 Grand Slam titles? Because Switzerland is «too perfect» and its inhabitants «too nice», He explains. Well yes: all this lacks dramatic tension for the actor. He refuses the project because without «suspense, conflicts, dangers» that wouldn’t make a good movie … It is certain that with a peaceful mountain landscape we are far from “Taxi Driver”.

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