Veltex Shizuoka of the basketball B3 league extended the team’s record-breaking consecutive wins to “11” on the 4th. Home At the Shizuoka City Central Gymnasium, faced the Gifu Swoops match in the second match of Section 18, and won 83-78. He finished the four consecutive battles with Gifu, which continued from the previous section of the away, with all wins.

Unlike the 31-point difference shown in the first game of this section on the 3rd, it was a tough victory with a 5-point difference. Mussa Dama (24) led the team as the team continued to put up with the opponents who had taken offensive and defensive measures. He succeeded in 12 out of 15 2-point shots and 7 out of 8 self-throws, scoring 31 points, the most in the team. As he said, “I was conscious of a fast-paced attack,” he showed off a number of dunks from haste, and a number of shots that quickly cut under the ring and catch a pass in the air to dunk. Regarding defense, he said, “As the team aims to win all (in the remaining games), it is getting better.”

The team is 24 wins and 8 losses, and the ranking remains 4th. However, the game behind the leader has disappeared. From the 14th, the next section will face Kagoshima Rebnise (5 wins and 25 losses), who is currently in 10th place. There are 8 remaining races including this 2 consecutive home races (Fujikawa Gymnasium, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture). Aiming for the top, unbeatable matches continue.[Tetsuya Kurahashi]