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WNBA draft top pick ignites internet users

by archysport

The WNBA Draft was finally entitled to a media coverage worthy of the name across the Atlantic. Indeed, all the major sites made the evening live to their subscribers by announcing each choice. on social networks… And the 4th name called that evening made a huge buzz! Like what, people can be interested in it when we talk about it!

Unlike the NBA version, the WNBA draft is usually not seen as an event in the American media… A difference in treatment which is also controversial every year! But well aware of the increasingly numerous criticisms, all the major media have decided to go all out this year. Announcement of the choices live, cameras at the best players… all the ingredients for a great evening were there.

And if among men the stars of each vintage have already been known for many years, such as LaMelo Ball or Zion Williamson, who have been celebrities since high school, among women, the greatest talents are not necessarily anchored in the collective memory… This does not prevent the public from having favorites! This year, the player selected in 4th position made the buzz! Kysre Gondrezick, daughter of an NBA player, became a star in a few hours on social networks.

129,000 likes for the player’s publication after her selection by the Indiana Fever is no small feat! And the comments are unanimous …

So obviously, reducing such a talented player to her physique is pretty unfair… But on the other hand, the interest in the back could have good payoffs for the WNBA. It will not take long for the most macho to realize the talent that there is in the women’s league! Kysre Gondrezick is like Kelly Oubre Jr. in the NBA: his excellence with the ball in hand will quickly take over his physique! And she can count on a great fan base to support her in her exploits.

Kisses Gondrezick will undoubtedly be one of the most followed players of the WNBA season… If her buzz on social networks can highlight the talent and the level of this under-publicized league, that’s an excellent thing!

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