Amateur and recreational sports in Hesse are facing the next Corona interruption. In an overview, we will show you which associations have already reacted and pulled the emergency brake.

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The increasing numbers of corona infections are bringing organized sport in Hesse into great distress. On Wednesday afternoon, Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold a conference with the Prime Ministers of the federal states – further corona-related restrictions will very likely be the result.

According to a draft of the federal resolution proposal for the video conference available to the German Press Agency, the new measures also affect leisure and amateur sports on and in all public and private sports facilities, swimming pools and fun pools as well as fitness studios and similar facilities. The measures could amount to a temporary lockdown to be ordered from November 4th until the end of the month.

Overview: Such is the situation in sports

In Hesse, some sports associations have already pulled the emergency brake, prescribed the second Corona break since spring and interrupted games and training. In the following overview you will find out how the current situation is in the individual sports.


The ball is first in the equipment cabinet. The Hessian Handball Association interrupted game operations on October 22nd.


Also the Hessian Volleyball association pulled the emergency brake and interrupted the game up to and including November 22nd.


The Presidium of the Hessian Badminton Association interrupted all of its classes at the end of last week – and for a long time: According to their own decision, the break should initially last until January 15, 2021.


Here the ball is still rolling for the most part because the Hessian Football Association has not yet issued an interruption in the game. In Offenbach Stadt, for example, it is no longer possible to play. A new assessment of the situation by the association’s board is planned for next Thursday (October 29), it said at the weekend.


The basket hunters are still whizzing through the halls, the Hessian Basketball Association (HBV) relies on game operations on the basis of voluntariness. This was only recently confirmed at an association day. However, the HBV also says: If the authorities no longer consider exercise of sport to be justifiable for health reasons, gaming should be stopped immediately will.


The Hessian Hockey Bandage asked his clubs, similar to the Bundesliga, if they wanted to take part in the indoor circuit. They must report to the association by the end of October.

Table tennis

The Hessian Table tennis association has given its clubs the opportunity to cancel games at short notice – without consequences.

Wrestling and Judo

At Hessen level, the season did not even start.


Another classic contact sport: the start of the Bundesliga with the Hessian clubs has been postponed to spring 2021.

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