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Update IV | RTL: ‘Hülkenberg at Silverstone, corona test awaits replacement Perez’

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Sergio Pérez has to go to isolation at the British Silverstone. The routine corona test indicated irregular values, so the driver now undergoes a second test to see if he is infected.

The driver has been removed from his team and the track and is waiting for the second corona test in isolation. A positive test on COVID-19 will be a big blow to the team: never before has a driver in the motorsport class been infected with the virus.

Results are expected later on Thursday. Two positive infections were already reported within Formula 1 earlier in the season, but no infections were present on the track itself.

Vandoorne or Gutiérrez as invaders

If the Racing Point driver cannot race due to an infection, then Stoffel Vandoorne or Esteban Gutiérrez can fill in. Both drivers are on the list as a reserve driver at Mercedes, but if necessary are lent as a reserve to the ‘pink Mercedes’.

The chance that Vandoorne will be in action during the British Grand Prix seems small: even though the Belgian is a reserve driver, he will not be present at the Silverstone circuit this weekend. Thus, Gutiérrez steps in when Pérez cannot race. (Photo: Racing Point F1)

Update I 6:00 pm (30/06) | After test by Pérez also Personnel Racing Point in insulation

Several Racing Point staff have been placed in isolation after doubts about Sergio Pérez’s corona test. These staff members, like Perez, must also be retested.

There is still uncertainty about Perez’s test, but apparently no half measures are being taken. Employees who were in contact with Pérez were also placed in isolation as a precaution.

Update II 21:30 (30/06) | Pérez tests positive, Guttiérez takes over the seat

The high word is out. Sergio Pérez tested positive for the coronavirus. That means that the Mexican driver will not be able to participate in the upcoming Grand Prix. It remains to be seen who will take over his seat.

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Earlier this afternoon, it became clear that the Mexican driver’s test might indicate that he was infected with the corona virus. He had to take a second test in isolation and in addition. So it is positive. It is also the question how long he will not be able to participate. There is a chance that Esteban Guttierez will take over his chair this weekend, but will also be called Stoffel Vandoorne.

Update III 8: 15u (31/06) | “Hülkenberg seems to be a candidate to replace positively tested Perez”

Nico Hülkenberg seems to be the suitable candidate to replace Sergio Perez during the Grand Prix of Great Britain, that knows GPUpdate.nl to report. Racing Point thus seems to opt for an experienced driver instead of its own training drivers.

It is not certain that Hülkenberg will be. Esteban Guttierez and Stoffel Vandoorne are also mentioned as possible successors to the sick Perez. The Mexican driver is infected with the corona virus and has to race one of the first double header at Silverstone.

Update IV 9:25 (31/06) | RTL: ‘Hülkenberg at Silverstone, corona test awaits replacement Perez’

The chance that Nico Hülkenberg takes place in the Racing Point of Sergio Perez seems to be getting bigger and bigger. German RTL announces that the former Formula 1 driver has to wait for his corona test. If it is negative, the German takes place in the pink car. He has also been spotted in the paddock op Silverstone.

“Hulkenberg could replace Perez for two races,” the medium said. “It is certain that the Mexican will miss the second Silverstone weekend from August 7-9.” Hülkenberg is making his comeback in Formula 1 after being sidelined by Renault this year.

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