Should Bill’s Colin Kaepernick sign when “multiple teams” are interested?

The flood in the NFL has certainly changed in relation to the former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

After being blacked out by the league after the 2016 season, when he contracted a knee during the national anthem, he was able to find himself on an NFL sideline in 2020. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell even welcomed the idea by saying that he “supported” the idea and “encouraged” a team to do so.

Since then, there has been reports of growing NFL team interest in Kaepernick, which was once successful with the 49ers. Only last week, several teams are said to have had “legitimate interest” in adding Kaep.

Could one of them be the bills?

You might be happy to see Kaepernick in the NFL again next season, but there are several reasons why this team won’t be the one to count. Break this down:

Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Barkley. (AP Photo / Adrian Kraus)

Too many QBs

If you want to play the simple number games with this, you can be sure. When the 2020 NFL draft came and went, the Bills had four quarterbacks on their list. Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm, a five-round goal, was inducted into a QB room with Matt Barkley, Davis Webb and of course Josh Allen.

Four players alone are a strong number for QBs on a squad, but this is certainly the case for the Bills in particular. Ever since Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott was appointed head coach, he’s had something special about his squad structure every year: he’s been a big fan of keeping only two quarterbacks on his 53-man squad. Last year it was just Allen and Barkley with Davis on the training team.

It’s actually just a massive question mark in itself: Will the bills possibly keep three quarterbacks in 2020? In terms of Kaepernick, his talents could beat these other guys, and his style of play is actually more apt to reflect Allen. But the bills already have too many QBs as things currently sit.




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