Sport in quarantine # 10 – Commando session

    For his tenth and last fitness session in a confinement period, our expert has prepared a series of exercises qualified as a “commando session”. You will have to repeat two exercises: the commando pumps and the frog. “It’s about alternating one repetition of each exercise, then two repetitions of each, etc.,” explains Mohamed. It will seem difficult to you, and it is! If you need a break between sets, don’t hesitate, do it. “

    “Get well and tighten your buttocks”

    For commando pumps, the starting point for the exercise is the plank position. “Get well and tighten your buttocks. »Then,« take a first bend on the ground, then the other. Put your hand, then the other. And push on your hands to return to the plank position. Then place the exercise of the frog. Again, the starting position is the board. To do the exercise well, “bring your toes towards your hands, with a small jump, then reposition yourself on the board”.

    Repeat this combination of exercises twice, then three times … up to ten times! During this difficult session, “from start to finish, stay strong! “

    Find the other programs of our expert here.

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