A priori trivial for the 2 nd of Ligue 1, the trip from Olympique Marseille to Trélissac in the Coupe de France was not easy. Hooked for 120 minutes by this modest resident of National 2, the dolphin of Paris Saint-Germain in the championship certainly ended up winning at the end of the penalty shootout (1-1, 4-2 t.a.b.).

But in the evening, it was on another field that the Marseille club was forced to justify itself. Accused of not having yielded his share of the proceeds of the meeting to his opponent for one evening, the Olympian club mentions in particular the cost of his trip.

As soon as the match was over, the president of Trélissac FC complained that he had not been entitled to all of the ticket sales revenue for the meeting. “You will thank OM who did not leave us their share of the recipe […]. Thanks for amateur football! “, Ranted Fabrice Faure with the journalists present.

“It’s the first time this has happened”

The tradition of the Coupe de France generally requires that professional clubs cede to amateurs their share of revenue. What the Olympian club refused to consent to. “This is the third time we have played for the Marseille club, and it is the first time that this has happened,” said the president of Trélissac FC.

A start of controversy that Olympique de Marseille tried to put out, a few hours later. In a press release published on his site, he mentioned in particular the financial windfall that his coming already represented.

“Thanks to hosting OM, the stadium was full and, moreover, mainly welcomed Marseille supporters, who were in the majority,” he said.

” Special conditions “

And take out his calculator: “Trélissac benefited from a stadium of 13-000 seats and practiced a pricing policy which […] displayed prices between 20 and 35 € instead. The total revenue amounted to almost 400,000 € before deduction of the organization costs, ”he notes.

“It seemed fair to us that in these particular conditions the two clubs share the recipe,” he concludes. Especially since this trip cost OM 65,000 € ”. The amateur club did not react to these justifications immediately.


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