Serie A: I am happy that Napoli defeated Juventus – Sarri

    Juventus boss Maurizio Sarri said he was happy for Napoli after defeating Juventus in the Serie A match on Sunday.

    Juventus received their second league defeat this season and also lost the chance to move six points ahead of Inter.

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored his eighth goal in eight games in a row, but it wasn’t enough to help Juve after Piotr Zielinski and Lorenzo Insigne led Napoli 2-0.

    Sarri has told Sky Sports Italia that he is happy to see his former club, Napoli stop their collapse, even against his current club.

    “I am happy for the boys, since I will always become attached to them.

    “If you have to lose, I guess I would rather be here to help Napoli solve their current problems. I would prefer that they start winning next week, of course.

    “Clearly, the game takes over and you have to detach yourself from everything around it. Napoli represented a special moment in my life and it is always pleasant and exciting to come back here.

    “We should have felt more motivated to break away [from Inter] rather than less, otherwise this means that we are weak. I hope not.

    “If that situation weighed on us, even unconsciously, it means that we are not ready yet.”

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