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The IOC has banned its athletes from protesting for the Tokyo Summer Games. Responsible athletes are the greatest threat to the Rings clan.

Could someone please finally ban the word “unity” – and “hope” at the same time, explicitly for use in sports?

Unit! Hope! And pancakes.

Such terms are out of place in a tough industrial environment where everything revolves around money. But gradually the ritual chanting exceeds every pain threshold, especially now that the International Olympic Committee is drumming for its youth games. A skier from Pakistan is currently being promoted as a “hope” for gender justice. Not worth mentioning – the rings brokers would not act as censorship authorities for world sports.

In times of pressing global political issues, it is badly received when officials from the land and money aristocracy put muzzles around young people in public. So what may be protests about the Tokyo Summer Games, where more critical words and gestures are to be feared than ever?

The IOC doesn’t want new rapinoes

Fortunately for the IOC, there are also sensible athletes. Those who grew up in consensus societies or had the best connections to IOC violent people, hoped for functionary posts after their careers, and in doing so took the path that the great chairman, Thomas Bach, once took: via the athletes commission. This slick figure was now so nice to draw up a catalog of rules for all those who liked to express themselves politically.

Sports Policy Accused of everything

Ex-IOC member Lamine Diack

Accused of everything

Corruption, money laundering, gang crime, extortion during doping tests and dubious millions around the games in Rio and Tokyo: the trial against one of the most notorious sports officials begins in Paris.By Thomas Kistner

The IOC Athletes’ Commission has banned its comrades, bearing in mind many protests by athletes last year, from the Pan American Games to the World Swimming Championships. Football is also getting out of hand, professionals are wearing political signs on their captains armbands, and entire teams, such as French second division club Clermont-Ferrand, are protesting against racism on their knees. Just like US World Champion Megan Rapinoe, who incidentally criticized the new Olympic ban.

As a protest, from the medal ceremony to the Olympic Village, “showing political messages, including signs or bracelets”; Gestures like “a hand gesture or kneeling” and others. Because, sorry: All this “destroys” the dignity of the competition.

The IOC is proud of past activists

A look at the Olympic Museum shows how careless this IOC initiative is. In Lausanne, in the section “changers”, athletes are honored who sparked social upheavals on the stage of sport: from peace protester Muhammad Ali to gender icon Billie Jean King to the US activists Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who joined in 1968 the Mexico Games on the winners podium raised their fists against racism. “A historic moment,” praises the accompanying Olympic text and describes it as follows: “When the podium becomes a stage.” Oops. So is political protest to be welcomed? Of course. If he helps refine the IOC’s image.

His servile athletic extension, which also includes Putin’s favorite sportswoman Jelena Issinbajewa, could pause for a moment: does such a catalog of penalties make sense when advertising in the own museum with rebels of the past?

But sustainable thinking is not one of the Olympic disciplines. What the IOC is afraid of shows the answer of the really mature athletes to the muzzle. In Germany, for example, the association is throbbing Athletes Germany for freedom of expression, restrictions would be accepted “only for serious reasons”. “The IOC’s reference to maintaining the political neutrality of sport” is not sufficient for bans.

Responsible athletes are the greatest threat to the IOC world. An eroding world in which athletes who have their political and economic rights in mind have no place. You have to act from outside. You can learn how to do that in the IOC Museum: the rings clan will never mess with charismatic, socially accepted athletes. The Olympic spirit is not enough for this. And it would be pretty bad for business.

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