Crazy turn at Hannover 96! Sports director Jan Schlaudraff (36) is fired and Gerhard Zuber (44) – whom the club has wanted to get rid of for months and even fought in court – is designated as the transition successor …

The completely normal 96 madness. But one after anonther.

The dispute and lawsuit between the cold-headed sporting director Zuber and Hannover 96 ended on Wednesday. The Hanover labor court ruled that Zuber was not getting his old duties and powers, but his contract was terminated. In a statement after the trial, 96 reserves the right to take the case to the state labor court.

A day later, 96 then released sports director Schlaudraff. Reason: “Different opinions on the central decisions for the future of Hannover 96.” Schlaudraff, made 96-year-old Martin Kind (75) half-heartedly in the summer as sports director (“We can somehow manage”), has been in the last Ducked for days and weeks, was a king without an empire.

And successor is now – at least for the transition – of all things Zuber. The confidante of Schlaudraff’s predecessor Horst Heldt (now Cologne) was so unpopular and undesirable at 96 that access to the 96 server was blocked and his key card was recoded. He had to move into the arena from his office in the office.

In a press release, 96 explains: “Irrespective of legal issues to be clarified by the labor court, Gerhard Zuber enjoys the full trust of the management.”

The tub that 96 had wanted to get rid of for months …



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