The Athletic Bilbao coach, Joseba Etxeberria, acknowledged that it was the defeat against Haro, for his achievement on the horn, “a little cruel”, but recognizing that despite the moments of “fluidity in the game, there were too many disconnections, we have given too much, with little they have hurt us». I think we have done the best and the worst of the game ». He recognized that “no” had been “our best match in terms of fluency.”

«In the first half we generated game, but we have given a penalty, have been able to make some more goal and the second half, in physical duels, were stronger. We must reflect, learn from this, we must be better at concentration time so that the occasions that we do heal », stresses Etxebe, who did not hurt clothes for«congratulate Haro, who has played a great game», The rojiblanco coach was launching, who did not want to hide behind the absence of his orchestra director, Unai Vencedor:« When we talk about these things, I think we have to try to make everyone be at their best version for the team to perform and a sense of security ».

The Julen Bernaola’s injury It was a shame after scoring the two goals of the puppies: «He has given us balance, freed Zarraga and Sancet, has been very successful in both goals. It’s not easy to do it playing in that demarcation, ”said Etxebe. Bernaola suffers a sprained ankle, who will have different tests. “Hopefully it is not too much,” said Mr.

Sancet’s situation, on horseback with the first team, can affect him, although Etxebe considers that he enters the “dynamic first team, but they are young and need to play, if it is in the first team, the better. The competition gives you that point ». The best news, Dani Vivian and his return: «After a long period out, accumulate minutes. It did not seem like a long-term injury has been a long time has to go adding minutes ». On the rival, Etxebe stressed that the «Haro is an orderly team, supportive in defensive task, which goes very well against, and with great bulk up and in the melee have taken advantage. Errors have penalized us, ”he insists.

«We have deactivated certain weapons of Bilbao Athletic»

Aitor Street, the Biscay Mister of Haro, was proud of his team, who knew «wait for the moment»To chew on the puppies when the draw was chewed:« We have achieved the goal of adding and if it could be three points, the better. For us it was a challenge after the game against Osasuna, ”he says, to slide that this Haro grows in the face of adversity:“The harder things get for us, the more we want. It was a great joy after losing to Osasuna in the last play to take all three points we hope it will be a turning point ».

A Bilbao Athletic that was more imprecise than on other occasions: «We knew that a good part of the game was going to be carried by Bilbao Athletic for quality and players, but I think it cost us the first part. In the second part the team has been very good, they have also had occasions but we have scored 3 goals and have been able to score more ». A Haro, who occupies a position in the belly of the table, responded in Lezama: «We have made things difficult, we have been very uncomfortable. We have deactivated certain weapons that they have, and have not been able to show their potential ». Although the rojiblanco subsidiary has bottled them at times «we have known how to defend ourselves and wait for our moment at the end». The two changes he introduced in the second half Calle, Aimar and Valiño, were definitive with their goals: «In the end they are decisions. Sometimes they come out better and sometimes worse, this time they are right ».


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