El Haro comes out answer and grave to Bilbao Athletic

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In the fight to reach the second place, Bilbao Athletic had to be used thoroughly before a Haro replied, who did not accuse the Cup, and that he knew how to contemplate and launch the counterattack with speed to beat the puppies (2-3) already in the discount, with both Alex Valiño, in his almost impregnable fief of Lezama. Julen Bernaola scored both local goals in his first title and left injured before the break. The subsidiary, which failed many passes and was thick, could not chain its third consecutive victory after knocking out Sanse and Alavés B. The excitement of Haro was thunderous. He celebrated in the green.

Bilbao Athletic measured in Lezama the cupbearer Haro, who sat down on Saturday against Osasuna for a goal in the discount of Chimy Avila, so in theory, despite some changes, he would notice the greatest fatigue. It was not so. Etxebe improvised on the spinal cord by having the sensitive absences of Victor, sanctioned, Prados, with Spain U19, and San Bartolomé, injured, placed Bernaola midfielder, after his remarkable performance in Liverpool with the Premier U23, with Zarraga and Sancet, plus the recovery of the also promoted in the axis of the rear, Dani Vivian.

Bilbao Athletic

Ezkieta; Areso, Sillero, Vivian, García de Albéniz; Bernaola (Salado, min. 42), Zarraga, Sancet; Morcillo (Córdoba, min. 71), Guruzeta (Baqué, min. 77) and Artola.


Sobrón; Kevin, Simon, Armando, Oscar; Ibáñez (Aimar, min. 62), Josua, Esteve, Joseba; Txema Pan (Manjón. Min. 73) and Ibra Dieng (Valiño, min. 78)


1-0, Bernaola (min, 5); 1-1; Esteve, on penalty (min. 13); 2-1: Bernaola (min. 36); 2-2: Aimar (min, 68); 2-3, Valiño (min. 94).


Brull Acerete, Catalan. He admonished Vivian (min. 12) and visitors, Esteve (min. 60), Kevin (min. 80) and a member of the Haro bench.


Lezama, 1,500 spectators

After a backlash from Haro, with a shot against a defender of Joseba, shot from the front of Julen Bernaola in the first approach of Bilbao Athletic and first goal of the puppies product of a play rehearsed after a corner kick from Morcillo. The usual aim of the rojiblancos was afloat in a very fertile season in attack. Aitor Calle, knowing how Ibra Dieng spends them with spaces, placed it up to speed. In the first one that rode with the defense, Vivian committed a penalty on the stocky exdelantero el Amorebieta, which Esteve turned into a draw before the quarter hour.

Bilbao Athletic could score the second for a shot by Zarraga that blocked Sobrón and with another ball taken out of head by a defense on the same line of the Haro. A team from La Rioja, grown on their return to Segunda B, almost went ahead with the pizpireto Joseba García in a tight shot to the post. Etxebe’s team didn’t feel comfortable, with some inaccuracies in the passes that did not allow continuity in triangulations. But, again, the tino came to the fore.

Bad luck

Ball ground in the Haro area, bounce and again Bernaola, attentive and neat, added his second goal. However, in the 42nd minute, Bernaola himself had to withdraw. Bad luck for the kid, injured in a jump, giving Etxebe entrance to TOni Salado in a spinal cord that looked like this week. Sancet, quite blurred, could sentence just before the break, but his pitch went off for a short time.

Already in the second act, the subsidiary came out briskly, seeking to screw the Haro, who resisted pulling race and electric counterattacks, which kept Sillero and Vivian attentive. Without occasions for twenty minutes, the puppies woke up in a Zarraga-Sancet combination, which Guruzeta finished off, and then, the San Sebastian baton almost hosted a García de Albéniz pass in the net. Pero was the 68th minute, after a choral action of the Rioja people, Aimar Gulín, newly incorporated into the game, who put the boards of a shot adjusted to the left stick of Ezkieta mocking his stretched. Aimar himself, in another Haro’s devilish response, almost scored again. The subsidiary stopped controlling the match.

The game was then open and without an owner, con the imprecise Bilbao Athletic, missing Victor on the axis. Aitor Calle was not satisfied, he put artillery with Isaac Manjón, his last winter signing. Asier Córdoba, who was returning after an injury, enjoyed the second chance in his boots, but he missed and Manjón his in a ball that crossed too much in a few final bars more exciting for the result than for the game deployed. And when the draw was chewed, the red-and-white excanterano Álex Valiño resolved a new stretch of the Riojans, who took the whole booty.



“A warrior with the desired spirit” – La Liberté

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