Handball Bordils does not stop for the Christmas holidays and today it is kicking off the 2019 Christmas Tournament in the White-and-Green Pavilion, which this year is reaching its 20th edition. It will run until Sunday and will have different categories. The cadets of the Bordils, BM Granollers Sporting, Barça Lassa, UE Sarrià, Selección Catalana and Banyuls premieres today, while tomorrow will be the throne of the youth with Montgrí, Bordils and the Catalan Selection; and the senior with the Bordils, the Catalan Selection and the Garbí. On Sunday the children of Sarrià, Selección Gironina, Bordils, Barça Lassa, Granollers and Banyuls will play.

In addition, a clinician with the junior and cadet coaches David Lupus and Pepo Mestre has also been organized.



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